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Better Late Than Never

We sat down to chat about Chris' relaunched Stripe course, Jason's pre-launch jitters for a new feature at Podia, and Jason's new side-project Fieldhelp.

Managed Databases in Hatchbox, Stripe Workflows, ActionText, and ActionMailbox

In this episode, we talk about Chris' adventures implementing managed database support into HatchBox, the different workflows you can take when implementing Stripe into an application, and Jason's Rails 6 project using both ActionText and ActionMailbox.

Testing in Ruby

I said the word "RSpec" a couple of minutes in, and then we spent 40 minutes talking about testing. We talk about our separate tastes of Minitest and RSpec, TDD, JavaScript testing, and more!

Catching Up

After two weeks off, we took some time to sit down and talk. We chat about Chris' experience with SCA while updating Pay, upcoming HatchBox updates, Jason's mini side project, and enjoy some other banter.

Building Kolide with Jason Meller

In this episode, we sit down with Jason Meller to talk about the experience of building Kolide. We talk about how the vision for Kolide came about, how Ruby on Rails (and the Rails way) plays into the application's design (spoiler, we talk about Turbolinks and StimulusJS), building a security-based Slack app, and more.

Joined by Andrew Mason

For the second week in a row, we chat with a Ruby Rogues' panelist, Andrew Mason. Andrew shares his path to programming through graphic design, as well as how he joined Ruby Rogues, became involved with open source, became invested in the Ruby community, and more.

StimulusReflex with Nate Hopkins

After discovering StimulusReflex, we knew we had to get Nate Hopkins to join us on the podcast. Nate is working on some very cool things around the StimulusJS library and Rails. When not working on StimulusReflex, Nate is an artist, consultant, and Ruby Rogues panelist. We talked with Nate about the early days of JavaScript up to JavaScript as we know it today, as well as the motivation behind StimulusReflex.

Turning 50

In the 50th episode of Remote Ruby, we transition from writing these descriptions in the third person into the first person. We spend 60 minutes and 59 seconds talking about health, farming technology, deploying Stripe upgrades, multiple databases in Rails 6, upgrading from Rails 5.2 to 6.0, Zeitwerk, database locks, and the Trimmings framework. Buckle up and let us know what you think! Thanks for listening!

Joined by Jacob Herrington

In this episode, we chat with Jacob Herrington. Jacob is a Senior Developer at Engine, host of the devpath.fm podcast, and a maintainer of the Solidus platform. What didn't we talk about? We talk about Jacob's discovery of programming, how he got his first few jobs, how he found his way to the Solidus core team, the dreaded conversation of imposter syndrome, and podcasting.

Joined by DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson)

😱 In this episode, Jason and Chris talk with David Heinemeier Hansson. David is the creator of Ruby on Rails, cofounder & CTO at Basecamp, best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning racing driver, and family man. David shares how we got started in programming, how he found Ruby and subsequently created Ruby on Rails, his love for Ruby, how he approaches the topic of "Rails is dead," and much more.

In Person at Southeast Ruby

In this episode, Chris and Jason sit down to record in Nashville, TN at Southeast Ruby. The two Ruby developers talk about the upcoming EU requirement for "Strong Customer Authentication," how that plays into updating a Stripe-based Rails application with one-time payments and subscription, as well as whatever random topics come to mind when together in person.

Joined by Ernesto Tagwerker

In this episode, Jason and Chris sit down (remotely) with Ernesto Tagwerker. Ernesto is the founder of Ombu Labs (a rapid software development agency) and Fast Ruby (Ruby on Rails Upgrades). The three discuss getting started in Ruby, consulting, Rails upgrades, and more.

Joined by Piotr Solnica

With Chris out traveling around Germany, Jason chats with Piotr Solnica. Piotr is the creator of ROM and a core team member of dry-rb. Jason and Piotr talk about Piotr's entry into programming, the idea behind ROM and dry-rb, helping build Hanami 2, blending functional and object-oriented programming in Ruby, and more!

Joined by Chris Arcand

In this episode, Jason and Chris welcome another Chris: Chris Arcand. Chris is a Senior Engineer at @HashiCorp building Terraform & Sentinel. Forty-four episodes in, Remote Ruby finally talks about remote work. Chris shares things he's learned working remotely and some tips for interviewing and working remotely.

Joined by Daniel Pritchett

In this episode, Jason and Chris chat with Daniel Pritchett, author of the book Build Chatbot Interactions. Daniel, one of Jason's first programming and career mentors, discusses user groups, his move from Memphis to Florida (and how he planned his career around it), his early interest in chatbots, and some use cases for them.

Open Source Government Development in Rails with Charley Stran

In this episode, Jason and Chris chat with Charley Stran. Charley is an employee at Oddball where he does contract work for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The three discuss how Charley got started programming, found his job contracting for the VA, what it's like to work on open source government projects, and more!

Joined by Josh Wood

Jason and Chris turned 30, five days apart, and then catch up with their friend Josh Wood from Honeybadger.io. Josh is a father, co-founder of Honeybadger, a Ruby developer, and a stellar human. The three talk about Josh's journey into programming, his experience freelancing, building Honeybadger, and the meaning of life (NBD).

Joined by Lee Richmond

In this episode, Jason and Chris chat with Lee Richmond. Lee is a Ruby on Rails developer at Bloomberg as well as the maintainer of the Graphiti project. Graphiti makes RESTful Resources a first-class concept. The three discuss the motivation behind Graphiti, how it compares to GraphQL, and some of the neat tools Graphiti comes with, such as Vandal and Spraypaint.

Live with Nate Berkopec

In this episode, Jason and Chris are joined by Nate Berkopec during RailsConf 2019. Nate is the author of The Complete Guide to Rails Performance and runs the performance consultancy Speedshop. In this episode, Nate shares his journey into programming, his experience on Shark Tank, some common performance pitfalls, and his experience building products.

Live with Justin Searls

In this episode, Jason and Chris are joined by Justin Searls during RailsConf 2019. Justin is a co-founder of Test Double, an agency that's improving the world's software. They talked with Justin about his path to programming (it includes Blockbuster!), how Test Double got its start, public speaking, and using an iPad as a development machine.

A Quick RailsConf Recap, Finding Time to Learn, and Madmin

Chris and Jason take a quick moment to chat about RailsConf, digress into the struggles of balancing learn new technology with everyday life, and then talk about Mamin.

Rails 6, Ruby 3, and RailsConf

RailsConf is right around the corner! Chris and Jason discuss using Rails 6.0.0rc1, the news out of RubyKaigi about Ruby 3x3, and peruse the RailsConf schedule. (Also, special shoutout to our beta Jumpstart Pro users)

Jumpstart Pro and Building a SaaS App with Hanami

In this episode, Chris and Jason discuss a project they started last August: Jumpstart Pro. Jason goes on to give a high-level overview of his experience building a real-world application with Hanami. There's also random ISP and Crystal talk wedged in-between.

Joined by Nobody

Chris and Jason put together an "old school" episode without any guests. The two talk about Chris' PR intro Rails for a rich_text field generator, top secrets plans (all the details) for Southeast Ruby, the Interactor gem, and constraints.

Joined by Jesus Castello

In this episode, Jason asks two different Ruby educators (Jesus Castello and Chris) about their experience teaching Ruby. Alongside the discussion on teaching, the three talk about changes coming in Rails 6 (Zeitwerk, ActionCable), debugging processes, and Jason's VS Code setup.

Joined by Avdi Grimm

In this episode, Jason and Chris chat with Avdi Grimm. Avdi, a well-known author, screencaster, and consultant shared how he got started in programming, how he subsequently started using Ruby, what he appreciates about Ruby, his transition into teaching, a brief section on object-oriented programming and functional programming, and public speaking. Avdi is a gem (no pun intended) in the Ruby community, and it was a thrill to have him on the show.

Joined by Javan Makhmali and Sam Stephenson

Buckle up! In this episode, Javan Makhmali and Sam Stephenson join Jason and Chris. Sam and Javan are employees at Basecamp and also part of the mastermind behind many JavaScript libraries to come out of Basecamp: Turbolinks, Trix, and Stimulus. They each share how they got started programming, a brief insight into how they work at Basecamp, the transition from CoffeeScript to ES6, Typescript, as well as (wait for it...) upcoming features in Stimulus (🙌) and considerations for Turbolinks 6 (no feature promises made 😉). It was an absolute joy to chat with Javan and Sam. We very much enjoyed this episode and hope you will enjoy it, too.

Joined by Tim Riley

In this episode, Tim Riley joins Jason and Chris. Tim, a partner at Icelab, dry-rb core team member, and world-renowned speaker (at least in Jason's eyes) shares how he got started programming with Ruby, the dry-rb project, Hanami 2.0, dry-view, and public speaking. /me breaks third person tone: I had the honor of having Tim join us at the first Southeast Ruby (2017) after watching a couple of his talks online. Tim is a fantastic person whom I'm glad to have as a friend. He brings a unique approach to writing Ruby that I find so fascinating. I hope you'll enjoy this episode as much as we did. - Jason

Joined by Adam Wathan

In this episode, Adam Wathan joins Chris and Jason. Adam, a full-stack developer, entrepreneur, Full Stack Radio podcast host, and author of Tailwind CSS spends some time sharing his journey into programming, how he got started with Laravel (PHP framework), how Ruby has influenced his software writing and the story behind Tailwind CSS. It was an honor to have him on the show; we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Joined by Ben Orenstein

In this episode, Jason and Chris spend time chatting with Ben Orenstein. If you've been in the Ruby community for any length of time, you've likely seen some of Ben's work. Ben is working his new product Tuple, a pair programming tool for developers. He talks about his journey into programming with Rails, his transition into working for himself full-time, and what his life with Tuple entails.

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