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MiniTest for Those Who RSpec

Welcome to Remote Ruby! On this episode, we have Jason and Chris. Chris tells us that their Hey email addresses got secured and that makes him excited for Rails 6.1. Jason brings up his struggles with MiniTests and Chris comes to the rescue and helps him out. Also, the guys have discussions on Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS config, working on field help, RSpec, Factories, Fixtures, Faker and Mocha Gems, and Shoulda Matchers. We end with finding out Jason is publishing the Stimulus Reflex Testing Library. Download this episode now!

Advanced StimulusReflex & CableReady in real-world apps

The guys are catching up after Jason took a few days off from work since he hasn’t had a break and Chris moved so he’s been busy setting things up at the new house. Today’s episode the guys dive into talking about StimulusReflex, ActionCable, Cable Ready, cursor positioning issues, halts, Trix, and JavaScript Callbacks. Also, there’s a new design on GitHub! Have you seen it? Download this episode now!

Past Rubies and Rails history with Nick Schwaderer

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, our special guest is Nick Schwaderer, a Rubyist, who works for a company called, Chef, in the Belfast office in Northern Ireland. On today’s episode, Jason starts us off by talking about the form stuff he’s been working on. Nick talks about “Past Rubies” which will be reappearing soon. The merge of Rails and Merb is mentioned and a fascinating blog post about it. Also, Brighton Ruby’s remote conference is brought up and what they are giving out. We talk about modules, concerns, Gilded Rose Kata, and how the community relations maintenance part is so important to deal with. Also, find out why Andrew calls Chris the “shiz!”

RailsBytes.com, AppLocale and more with Andrew Fomera

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, our special guest is Andrew Fomera, from Podia, co-worker of Jason, and friend of Jason, Chris, and Andrew Mason. He’s got a course on “Learn Rails by Building Instagram,” he’s launched AppLocale, and launched a tool called RailsBytes with Chris. Chris and Andrew Fomera talk about what RailsBytes is and how they got into building it. Also, Andrew Fomera tells us more about AppLocale, how he got started on it, what it does, and why it will change the world. What is “Thor” and why doesn’t Andrew like it? And why has Jason hit some major “Stonks” as a developer? Well download this episode to find out!

Railsconf Couch Edition & May of WTFs with Matt Swanson

Welcome to Remote Ruby! What’s been going on this week? Chris has been playing with CableReady and Jason started using Reflex at work. On today’s episode, we have a special guest, Matt Swanson, a Software Engineer, based in Indianapolis, who works at a consulting agency called SEP. Matt talks about doing Rails at work and other things he does, like his blog, “Boring Rails.” The guys all discuss their favorite “RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition” talks that they’ve watched so far, and there have been quite a few really good ones, especially the one by our very own, Chris Oliver! ☺ Also, Rails WTF’s and Spring are discussed as well. Loads of good information here, especially if you want to find out more about all the talks at RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition.

Bridgetown Ruby with Jared White

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, we have a special guest, Jared White, the author of Bridgetown Ruby. He’s been designing and building since the late nineties. We learn why it’s so nice to have Bridgetown. The topic of Static Sites is discussed. A new project called, RedwoodJS is brought up by Jared. Also, the new release of Gatsby Recipes is talked about by Andrew. Jared also tells us something about a new thing Bridgetown is cooking up with a liquid template engine. And what’s up with “swup?” Download this episode and find out here!

Joined by Josh Wood from HoneyBadger.io and Heya.email

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, we welcome back for a second time, Joshua Wood, from Honeybadger. The guys all reminisce with Josh about past conferences they all went to and share some funny stories. Josh talks about Honeybadger and his new project called “Heya.” The guys discuss licensing and which ones Josh likes to use. Also, there’s talk about a gem called Mailkick. Also, find out what Andrew likes about Honeybadger. Download this episode now!

Stimulus Reflex BlackJack, Leaving ActionText, and Calendar Gems

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Jason is Back and he has a lot to share! The guys all catch up and start out talking about fun video games and gaming devices that they’ve been using to have a little fun in their life aside from working. They get down to business eventually and talk about what’s new in the Ruby World. Jason lets us in on a new Ruby Gem he’s released and a new game he’s been working on using Stimulus Reflex. Chris did a major update in Rails. Andrew’s been working on a lot of components and using parts of Chris’s calendar gem at CodeFund. You need to download this episode now to find out why Andrew is now Team ERB and has disavowed HAML ☺! WHAT???!!!!!

$1k/mo GitHub Sponsorship, Advanced Stimulus Reflex, and more

Welcome to Remote Ruby! This week we have Chris and Andrew who will fill you in on some cool things. The guys start off talking about Active Admin. They also talk about a web framework called, Lucky. Also, Chris has some exciting news to share about getting a new GitHub sponsor which was the highlight of his week! Have you heard of Optimism or CableReady? Lambda or Proc? Listen to this episode to find out more.

From Agency Life to Software Development: Q&A with Steve Polito

Today, the guys have guest, Steve Polito, who is a self-taught web developer. He is here today to ask the Remote Ruby “Triumvirate” all sorts of career and life questions, specifically about doing things in Rails. He represents the developer who wants to go from agency life to software development. This is a great episode to listen to if you feel like you are in his shoes, or you were in his shoes at one time in your life. We can all relate!

ViewComponent, Alpine.js, and embedding videos in ActionText

With parks and beaches being closed during this time, the guys are trying to figure out creative things to do to get out of the house. Chris is excited to use his smoker to cook outdoors and Andrew really wants to surf, but the beaches are closed! In this episode, the guys cover Scopes, View Component changes, Storybook, Bootstrap, Tailwind UI extensions, Action Text, and other things. Also, how is Ruby Meetup going with Andrew? Listen here and you’ll find out all sorts of good things to keep your mind going!

Sheltering in Place, Building Products, and trying out StimulusReflex

With everyone pretty much on a “Shelter In Place” order, the guys catch up on what’s going on, the few times they’ve gotten out of the house, and more. The guys talk about their past week working on the HopeGrid app and Jumpstart/Jumpstart Pro. Hear the issues and solutions that came up with in this episode. Also, since Nate talked about his dealings with StimulusReflex last week, Chris got some time to play around with it. Find out how it went.

Javascript woes, Stimulus to the rescue, and online Railsconf talks

The guys all catch up on what’s been going on in their lives during this crazy time. They talk about getting upgraded to Rails and Andrew’s Gatsby experiment. Topics discussed are on Storybook, Jekyll, Backbone, StimulusReflex, JavaScript, and jQuery. One last tidbit is Andrew’s progress on the remote Ruby Meetup he’s putting together. Download this episode and find out who got “nerd sniped!”

Railsconf 2020 Cancelled, Linters, Layered Caching, & GlobalID

In this episode, Chris, Nate, and Andrew touch on how RailsConf and MicroConf have been cancelled due to the COVID-19. Andrew’s remote meetup is discussed. Also, other topics include Standard RB, Jumpstart Pro, ERB Lint, HTML Beautifier, global.iD, Secrets, and a few others. And to end the episode, a rather funny story from Andrew with something that drove him, “Freakin’ batty!’

Multitenancy, AWS Lambda, and a new online Ruby meetup?

In this episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrew “jump” right in to talking about Jumpstart Pro and what he is working on. Other discussions include Attributes API, AWS Lambda, Heavens Door, removing Spring from Gemfile, using Gatsby, Jekyll, Tailwind UI, starting a Ruby Meetup with Andrew, and many more interesting things.

Tailwind UI, Hanami::API, Puma security fixes, and more

In this episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrew catch up with what’s been going on in their lives, new things they’ve been working on, and having discussions on Hanami, Puma, Shrine, and much more.

RailsConf Proposals, Building Forms with StimulusReflex, and More

In this episode, Nate joins back up with us to talk about recently submitted RailsConf proposals, a new feature at CodeFund backed by StimulusReflex, the strong migrations gem, building complex forms with StimulusReflex, and more.

Joined by Jonathan Reinink, Creator of Inertia.js

In this episode, we chat with Jonathan Reinink. According to his website, Jonathan is active in the open-source community, particularly within the PHP and Laravel space. We'd argue Jonathan is also very active in the CSS and JS open-source community, as well. Jonathan co-authored TailwindCSS and authored Inertia.js. We talk with Jonathan about how he helped get TailwindCSS off the ground and dig deep into Inertia.js. Inertia.js lets you quickly build modern single-page React, Vue and Svelte apps using classic server-side routing and controllers.

StimulusReflex at CodeFund, Testing ChurchChat, Encryption Gems, Inspecting Hey.com

In this episode we kick off the conversation hearing about new updates coming to CodeFund (powered by Stimulus Reflex), Jason's system tests for ChurchChat, using fixtures in combination with factories in Rails tests, using the Lockbox and Blind Index gems, looking around the Hey.com source code, and RailsConf proposals.

Mental Health, Rails Upgrades, Jason's New Project, Bootstrap Shift, and More

In this episode we start off with a quick conversation about ADHD, Chris' experience upgrading GoRails to Ruby 2.7 and Rails 6, Jason's new project ChurchChat, the new Bootstrap to TailwindCSS tool by Laravel Shift, upgrading Stripe subscriptions from a single plan to multiple plans, and Turbolinks.

New Jumpstart Features, Postponing Southeast Ruby 2020, and (Possibly) a New Online Ruby Conference

In this episode we talk about adding multitenancy in Jumpstart Pro, using ActiveStorage and Uppy, postponing Southeast Ruby 2020, a potential online Ruby conference in 2020, and Andrew stepping in on the This Week in Rails mailing list.

"Just Keep Hitting Tab"

In our first 2020 episode, we start with SQL, slowly delve into a conversation about typed languages like TypeScript and Crystal, the tooling around typed languages, and then talk video games.

Concerns, Interactors, and Ruby 2.7 Features (Ruby 2.7 Christmas Day 🎉)

In our last episode of 2019, we talk about using Concerns in Rails versus service objects (using Interactors) and then walk through a blog post on features coming to Rubyists Christmas Day in Ruby 2.7. Happy Holidays, thanks for listening, and see you in 2020!

Introducing Nate Hopkins, Working with ActionCable's API, Webpacker in Rails Engines, and Stimulus Reflex Updates

In this episode, we welcome Nate Hopkins to the sho, talk about ActionCable's API, discuss Jason's trouble with using JavaScript in a new Rails engine, get some updates from Nate on Stimulus Reflex, and Andrew shares experience with managing open source GitHub Action projects.

Introducing Andrew Mason, CI Tooling, Ruby 2.7 Features, Rails 6.1 on the Radar

In this episode, we introduce Andrew Mason, our friend, and a new frequently recurring panelist on the show. 🙌 We talk through my (Jason) adventure standing up a vanilla Rails application for CI on GitHub actions, some of the neat ways to use GitHub Actions outside of CI, upcoming features in Ruby 2.7, and some features on the radar for Rails 6.1. 🎉

Building Chat Applications, GitHub Actions, HatchBox Features, and Mistakes

In this pre-Thanksgiving episode released post-Thanksgiving, we talk about what it was like working with ActionCable and React on Podia's latest feature, messaging. We also talk through GitHub actions, some of the features of HatchBox (including using DigitalOcean Spaces as a drop-in S3 replacement), and a plethora of mistakes I (Jason) have made over the last two weeks. Best yet, we cram it into forty minutes.

Better Late Than Never

We sat down to chat about Chris' relaunched Stripe course, Jason's pre-launch jitters for a new feature at Podia, and Jason's new side-project Fieldhelp.

Managed Databases in Hatchbox, Stripe Workflows, ActionText, and ActionMailbox

In this episode, we talk about Chris' adventures implementing managed database support into HatchBox, the different workflows you can take when implementing Stripe into an application, and Jason's Rails 6 project using both ActionText and ActionMailbox.

Testing in Ruby

I said the word "RSpec" a couple of minutes in, and then we spent 40 minutes talking about testing. We talk about our separate tastes of Minitest and RSpec, TDD, JavaScript testing, and more!

Catching Up

After two weeks off, we took some time to sit down and talk. We chat about Chris' experience with SCA while updating Pay, upcoming HatchBox updates, Jason's mini side project, and enjoy some other banter.

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