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Reimagined Rails views using Matestack with Jonas Jabari

This episode was requested by one of our listeners. So, we brought in a guest, Jonas Jabari, from Germany, who is the creator of Matestack, which is a Ruby DSL enabling you to plug pre-built components together. Jonas tells us all about Matestack and how it started and what it is. Andrew thinks it’s pretty cool since he’s been dreaming about and working toward building himself. If you’re wondering why you should use Matestack, then download this episode now to find out more!

Webpacker in Engines & Dealing with Burnout

Chris and Andrew are here today! Chris starts off talking about going down the rabbit hole with their discussion last week about the Rails engines doc for Webpacker, and he finds out it is rough. We find out a problem Chris ran into with JavaScript and CSS to display graphs, installing Action Active Mailbox and a cool feature of Rails, which is ActiveModel. The discussion takes a turn into “Remote Ruby Therapy” for Andrew since he realizes this week that he is completely burned out and he’s taking a week off for self-care. He talks about “burnout,” using an app called “Blinkist” that has been helpful, and the six things he wants to do make his life better, which includes to get some “good smelly stuff!”

New Rails API docs, Webpacker "fun", and security.txt

Jason announces DHH is back on Twitter, but not back in the Unites States! So, where is he? The guys wonder when the next versions of Turbolinks and Stimulus will be released. Some other topics discussed on this episode are Rails API guides being updated, Webpacker documentation, importing Sprockets files into webpack, problems with webpack configs, CoffeeScript, problems with UJS and Rails Scaffolds, Turbolinks Render library, Cloudflare, and generating routes in madmin. Also, have you heard of security.txt? You can learn more about it here.

🎉 Episode 100!! Upgrading Rails with Ernesto Tagwerker

TODAY IS OUR 100TH EPISODE!!! YAY! CUE THE FIREWORKS!!! It’s been over two years since this podcast first aired and the guys reminisce about how and when they started it. Today, our special guest is Ernesto Tagwerker, Founder of OmbuLabs and FastRuby.io. Our hot topic is all about Rails Upgrades. Ernesto tells us all about OmbuLabs and Fast Ruby, what you need to think about before upgrading Rails, why you need a good Test Suite, and Dual Booting. We also learn about a gem that Ernesto has been maintaining called RubyCritic and Rails LTS which is a long-term support for Rails. If you need resources to help you upgrade your Rails App, Ernesto has some to share with you. Also, Andrew shares some advice about what to do with your gems that he promises will make your life easier!

Self-care as a developer, Ruby 3.0, Sorbet, and more

Jason and Andrew are here today without Chris since he got married and is on his honeymoon! Today, the guys share some great self-care ramblings and talk about Ruby things too! They discuss Andrew’s wrist problems, how they are handling stress these days, and how their diets have changed for the better. Andrew even discovers a kitchen tool, that is actually not a weapon after all, to help with his new cooking skills! Other topics discussed are a Laravel package called Scout, the release of Ruby 3.0.0, Sorbet, a Gem called Steep, why RBS is cool, and using Solargraph in VS code. Also, find out why Andrew likes using TypeScript.

Getting started in Ruby & Rails with Will Johnson

Today we have a special guest, Will Johnson, self-taught developer, works for Egghead, and wrote an E-Book called, Break Into Tech With Twitter. Will is here today to tell us what it’s like to learn Rails. He has a great inspirational story he shares on how he got into being a Rails Developer, what he does at Egghead, what he’s doing to keep up on his learning around Rails, and things that worked for him when he first started out learning about Ruby. Chris and Jason also share some great resources for beginners.

Joined by Adam Wathan: TailwindCSS, Tailwind UI, and ActionView Components

In this episode we welcome back a special guest, Adam Wathan, creator of Tailwind CSS. We find out some cool things that have happened in Tailwind, new things that have launched in Tailwind UI, and issues he ran into when building it. Adam tells us about a work system they use called the six-week cycle with a two-week cool down, which really helps with prioritizing things. We also talk with Adam about how he approaches building components in JavaScript libraries like Vue in an effort to apply some of that wisdom to ViewComponent.

Managing Technical Debt, Vue 3, and Adding Linters to Legacy Code Bases

On today’s episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrew are trying to keep each other in balance. Chris starts off by talking about using yarn link to help with an issue that came up. The guys also talk about Vue.js 3.0.0 just being released and Jason being on bug rotation this week at work and dealing with technical debt. There is a chat about Rails best practices, Flog, and Flay, and whether or not it will provide value. Andrew brings up a question about using RuboCop and installing it on legacy base, and realizes he needs Jason to teach him how to come to terms with this issue and it will probably be like a karate kid moment. The question stands: Will Andrew move to a farm or become the next Karate Kid?

Testing performance, Madmin is getting revied, and Railties vs Engines

On today’s episode, Andrew tried Linter Action again and he tells us what happened. Then, Andrew tells us he’s been getting into some big testing and talks about Evil Martians blog and checking out TestProf and Terraforming. Chris goes in depth about starting to revive the old Madmin gem that him and Andrew Fomera were working on a while ago. Chris explains the difference between a Railtie and an Engine. Chris launched an early access Advanced Ruby course on GoRails so go check it out! There’s a lot of cool stuff going into Rail 6.1 and so many new gems coming out. Be a part of the Ruby Renaissance and download this episode now to find out more!

Right-ward assignments in Ruby 3? View Components for Primer, and Andrew dabbles with RubyMine

Jason is back and fills us in on how his move went to his new home. Then, the guys dive into talking about the cool new features Laravel 8 is going to have. We will also learn a little more about the new version of Spark. Other topics discussed are Paddle, Rightward assignments in Ruby, View Components for the Primer Design System, RubyMine and Prettier. Find out why Andrew said, “TypeScript is winning!” Download this episode now to find out more!

Ruby 3 adds Ractor, Hook Relay, ZSH and more

Chris and Andrew are here today! We will have discussions on Ractor, writing threaded code, Anyway Config, OAuthable, Hook Relay, Rails Kits, starring repositories, Zsh, and Oh My Zsh. Also, the guys chat about how they can bring more beginner people into Rails. Download this episode now!

Rails Hosting Survey results & Junk Drawers for Code

Have you heard the great news? The Remote Ruby Podcast was voted one of the favorite technical podcasts, listed second, on Planet Argon’s 2020 Ruby on Rails Community Survey. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!! We are humbled and excited! On today’s episode, the guys discuss CableReady’s morph functionality. Chris has been working on a new course and he fills us in on that. Andrew and Chris discuss their favorite live streaming choices. Chris installed Rails 1.0 and finds it fascinating. Andrew tells us about lib directory and Jason talks about Mixins. Also, Andrew and Chris discuss monkey patching gems. Download this episode now to find out all this and more!

Andrew's first time working with legacy Rails applications

Today, Chris and Andrew are in the house and they start off chatting about video games. Andrew tells us about his interesting experience working on Legacy Rails 4 App. He also shares some advice his mentor taught him early in his career. Chris has some new ideas and wants to do a few screencasts. Will he follow through and do them? Andrew brings up an EventMachine issue and how he got it to finally work. If you don’t know about Dash for macOs, you will find out more about it. The guys wrap up talking about jobs they’ve had and problems they’ve faced. Download this episode now to find out more!

Refactoring view components, notifications, and how you translate your JavaScript

The guys catch up on what’s been going on in their lives. Andrew was on vacation when Hurricane Isaias hit where he was, but he made it back safely. Today, the guys discuss refactoring view components, notifications, translations and internationalization and how you translate your JavaScript. LiveView in Phoenix is discussed and what it does, as well as Name of Person gem. And Andrew brings a few questions to the guys about domain switching. Also, when is the new notifications stuff coming out that Chris did? Download this episode now to find out this and much more!

Following up with Steve Polito

On today’s episode, Chris and Andrew have brought back their good friend, Steve Polito, to give us an update on his new job! Yes, he got a job after being a guest on our podcast! 😄 He will fill us in on what the interviewing process was like, what he does at his new job, how GitHub has helped him, and helpful advice on things he’s learned in the process of finding of job that he will share with you. Chris and Andrew share some stories and advice as well. Do you have “imposter syndrome?” Find out how you can get rid of it. Download this episode now to hear more!

Noticed (Notifications in Rails), Real-time Previews with Stimulus Reflex, and Podia is Hiring

Hello and welcome to Remote Ruby! Jason, Chris, and Andrew are back together and they have a lot to talk about. Notifications is the hot topic today. Also, the guys discuss GoodJob library, using Sidekick, Active Job and Active Delivery. Jason talks about being in an experimental research and development mode at Podia and changes they are making to their editor with Stimulus Reflex and Cable Ready. (Podia is hiring!) The guys make their predictions when Rails 6.1 will be released. Andrew finally got a new job! Have you heard of Ruby for Good?

Building Homes & Software, Translations, and Bridgetown

The guys are all back together today! Andrew finally cleaned his room, which is a big deal for him, Jason is packing since he decided to sell his house, and Chris is still trying to find stuff that he packed from his move. Today, the guys discuss Stripes Docs Billing, AppLocale, Phrase, Bridgetown RB, Liquid Components, and it sounds like a new screencast is in the works for Chris. Another great episode packed with fascinating information! Download this episode now!

Futurism, Jumpstart, and Javascript Dependencies

Chris and Andrew are in the house today! Andrew mentions he’s starting a new Jumpstart project and he’s having to convert the Jumpstart App to Slim and Chris is in the process of merging a big internationalization update. We start off by discussing Slim, Tailwind, and Components. Peer dependencies is discussed with Webpack configs and using render async. Andrew will tell you about using Tailblocks. Have you heard of Pika Pack and Futurism? The guys will tell you more about them here, so download this episode now.

Exploring HEY's Gemfile

Welcome to Remote Ruby! The guys are all back together this week! In the last episode, COVID-19 was talked about, so the guys want to shift the focus to new and better things happening in the Gem world, like DHH’s Hey’s Gemfile and Basecamps Gemfile. Jason made an Avatar Component and how he uses formBuilder. They guys also talk about WebAuthn Gem, Two-factor Authentication, and Turbolinks. There are some newer Gems out there they discuss as well and some of their favorites. Jason brings back another question of the week to see if it will get answered. Will Jason’s secret question get answered? Download this episode now!

Andrew needs a job and TailwindCSS ViewComponents

On this episode, we have Jason and Andrew. Andrew tells us he was recently laid off from his job, so he is surfing the job market looking for a new one. Today we find out what Andrew’s been using to redo his website. Jason tells us about his field help app he’s been working on and ideas of things he wants to put in his app, and Andrew gives him some great suggestions. The guys also have talks about Tailwind UI, View Components, BridgetownRB, Tailblocks, and Awesome Tailwind CSS. Also, if you or anyone you know is looking for a Rails Developer, message Andrew on Twitter or email him on his website (links below). ☺

MiniTest for Those Who RSpec

Welcome to Remote Ruby! On this episode, we have Jason and Chris. Chris tells us that their Hey email addresses got secured and that makes him excited for Rails 6.1. Jason brings up his struggles with MiniTests and Chris comes to the rescue and helps him out. Also, the guys have discussions on Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS config, working on field help, RSpec, Factories, Fixtures, Faker and Mocha Gems, and Shoulda Matchers. We end with finding out Jason is publishing the Stimulus Reflex Testing Library. Download this episode now!

Advanced StimulusReflex & CableReady in real-world apps

The guys are catching up after Jason took a few days off from work since he hasn’t had a break and Chris moved so he’s been busy setting things up at the new house. Today’s episode the guys dive into talking about StimulusReflex, ActionCable, Cable Ready, cursor positioning issues, halts, Trix, and JavaScript Callbacks. Also, there’s a new design on GitHub! Have you seen it? Download this episode now!

Past Rubies and Rails history with Nick Schwaderer

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, our special guest is Nick Schwaderer, a Rubyist, who works for a company called, Chef, in the Belfast office in Northern Ireland. On today’s episode, Jason starts us off by talking about the form stuff he’s been working on. Nick talks about “Past Rubies” which will be reappearing soon. The merge of Rails and Merb is mentioned and a fascinating blog post about it. Also, Brighton Ruby’s remote conference is brought up and what they are giving out. We talk about modules, concerns, Gilded Rose Kata, and how the community relations maintenance part is so important to deal with. Also, find out why Andrew calls Chris the “shiz!”

RailsBytes.com, AppLocale and more with Andrea Fomera

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, our special guest is Andrea Fomera, from Podia, co-worker of Jason, and friend of Jason, Chris, and Andrew Mason. She’s got a course on “Learn Rails by Building Instagram,” she’s launched AppLocale, and launched a tool called RailsBytes with Chris. Chris and Andrea Fomera talk about what RailsBytes is and how they got into building it. Also, Andrea Fomera tells us more about AppLocale, how she got started on it, what it does, and why it will change the world. What is “Thor” and why doesn’t Andrew like it? And why has Jason hit some major “Stonks” as a developer? Well download this episode to find out!

Railsconf Couch Edition & May of WTFs with Matt Swanson

Welcome to Remote Ruby! What’s been going on this week? Chris has been playing with CableReady and Jason started using Reflex at work. On today’s episode, we have a special guest, Matt Swanson, a Software Engineer, based in Indianapolis, who works at a consulting agency called SEP. Matt talks about doing Rails at work and other things he does, like his blog, “Boring Rails.” The guys all discuss their favorite “RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition” talks that they’ve watched so far, and there have been quite a few really good ones, especially the one by our very own, Chris Oliver! ☺ Also, Rails WTF’s and Spring are discussed as well. Loads of good information here, especially if you want to find out more about all the talks at RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition.

Bridgetown Ruby with Jared White

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, we have a special guest, Jared White, the author of Bridgetown Ruby. He’s been designing and building since the late nineties. We learn why it’s so nice to have Bridgetown. The topic of Static Sites is discussed. A new project called, RedwoodJS is brought up by Jared. Also, the new release of Gatsby Recipes is talked about by Andrew. Jared also tells us something about a new thing Bridgetown is cooking up with a liquid template engine. And what’s up with “swup?” Download this episode and find out here!

Joined by Josh Wood from HoneyBadger.io and Heya.email

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, we welcome back for a second time, Joshua Wood, from Honeybadger. The guys all reminisce with Josh about past conferences they all went to and share some funny stories. Josh talks about Honeybadger and his new project called “Heya.” The guys discuss licensing and which ones Josh likes to use. Also, there’s talk about a gem called Mailkick. Also, find out what Andrew likes about Honeybadger. Download this episode now!

Stimulus Reflex BlackJack, Leaving ActionText, and Calendar Gems

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Jason is Back and he has a lot to share! The guys all catch up and start out talking about fun video games and gaming devices that they’ve been using to have a little fun in their life aside from working. They get down to business eventually and talk about what’s new in the Ruby World. Jason lets us in on a new Ruby Gem he’s released and a new game he’s been working on using Stimulus Reflex. Chris did a major update in Rails. Andrew’s been working on a lot of components and using parts of Chris’s calendar gem at CodeFund. You need to download this episode now to find out why Andrew is now Team ERB and has disavowed HAML ☺! WHAT???!!!!!

$1k/mo GitHub Sponsorship, Advanced Stimulus Reflex, and more

Welcome to Remote Ruby! This week we have Chris and Andrew who will fill you in on some cool things. The guys start off talking about Active Admin. They also talk about a web framework called, Lucky. Also, Chris has some exciting news to share about getting a new GitHub sponsor which was the highlight of his week! Have you heard of Optimism or CableReady? Lambda or Proc? Listen to this episode to find out more.

From Agency Life to Software Development: Q&A with Steve Polito

Today, the guys have guest, Steve Polito, who is a self-taught web developer. He is here today to ask the Remote Ruby “Triumvirate” all sorts of career and life questions, specifically about doing things in Rails. He represents the developer who wants to go from agency life to software development. This is a great episode to listen to if you feel like you are in his shoes, or you were in his shoes at one time in your life. We can all relate!

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