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Twitter Q&A and Railsconf Advice For First Timers

Andrew is back at his Adidas wardrobe again, and Jason calls it BAE, Big Adidas Energy! We also find out that Andrew did some stuff with his GitHub actions repo and a couple of weeks ago the guys Tweeted out, “What do you want us to talk about?” and today, that’s what this episode is about. They pulled up a few Tweets which were about learning Rails without knowing how to read documentation, Matestack, and what first timers should know or do before going to RailsConf. The guys divulge everything they know that should help you to be conference ready. Don’t forget to say hello to them and say the secret password which we bet you won’t forget! Go ahead and download this episode now!

José Valim, creator of Elixir and form Rails core contributor

Besides Jason pairing with Andrew this week on GitHub actions and feeling like he’s been living in Andrew’s brain rent free, we do have a very exciting episode today! Joining us is José Valim, who’s the creator of Elixir and former Rails core contributor, and Seth Horsley, who helped organize this conversation. Today, our discussions take us through José’s background, being a Rails core member, and the story of how he created Elixir. He also goes in depth about LiveView, distributed systems, how using Elixir and Phoenix is a great developer experience, new and exciting things he’s working on with Elixir, and he fills us in on Nerves, FarmBot, Broadway, and Numerical Elixir. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Power Rangers & Building Products

What’s up with the guys this week? Andrew’s team lost, Jason’s team won, and Chris tells us about some cool stuff he worked on with shipping a Command Pallet in Jumpstart and using Ninja Keys. Some other things the guys chat about today are Shoelace, CSS Toggles, building a product, Jason’s book, Software Testing, Apache Cordova, Stripe stuff, Payment Element, Power Rangers, and Jason’s minivan that has Wi-Fi. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Heroku Incident, SIM Swapping, and security tools

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! First, let us preface that whatever you hear in this episode, Andrew did NOT steal an iPad! Also, Andrew is rallying the valley with his Suns jersey and Jason is triggered by this since he’s a Grizzlies fan, as well as Chris, and there was talk about minting some Remote Ruby NFTs. Some other things the guys talk about is the incident that happened with Heroku and GitHub, SIM swapping, iPad stealing, and some really great security tools you should be using to monitor your code base and protect yourself. And the guys do some shout-outs to people that left reviews on their podcast and they talk about RailsConf 2022 coming up. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Ruby 3.2, Conventional Commits, and release-please

Today, the gang’s all here! So, what’s up with the guys this week? Well, Jason and Andrew are headed out of town for a Podia retreat, Chris has been fixing a bug this past week that he may have finally found a solution for but he’s not in the clear yet, and if you listened to last week’s episode, Andrew clears the air and defines what “Posterized” means. In the Ruby world, the guys have some discussions about WebAssembly stuff, mruby, changes that are happening with Ruby 3.2.0, and we learn more about Release Please, Semantic Commit, and Conventional Commit.

Its Always Sinny In Las Vegas aka Sin City Ruby

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of, “It’s Always Sinny in Las Vegas” with Mac and Charlie….oops, sorry this is actually Remote Ruby with Jason and Andrew, who are in a stairwell chatting away about everything they’ve done in Las Vegas since they’ve been there for Sin City Ruby. We’ll hear about all the speakers, the talks they gave, and what they talked about. Kick back and relax, because there are some really great stories you won’t want to miss on this episode! Go ahead and download this episode now!

Ruby & Rails Tips with Sebastien Auriault

So, what’s “sup” with the guys this week? Jason and Andrew just can’t make themselves cry like actors do, but when Andrew was interviewing with Podia he sobbed when he found out the templating language they were using. Which brings us to our guest, Sebastien Auriault, who is very special to us and also won’t make us cry. Sebastien is a Ruby on Rails Developer at Podia and has been working on a project there with Jason and Andrew. We brought Sebastien on so he can talk about his developer origin story, which will be beneficial for those of you who are looking to get jobs who are in junior positions right now. Sebastien shares all kinds of advice and helpful information if you’re looking for a job and don’t know where to start. Also, if you leave a review on iTunes, DM Jason and the guys will personally thank you on the next episode.

Load Testing Rails Applications & Rails Conferences

On today’s episode, Jason shares some pretty cool news that happened at Podia with Harry Connick Jr. and load testing, and a cool tool they used called k6. Chris tells a story about an old project he worked on for 901 Tequila, Jason informs us about his “new talk” at Sin City Ruby, and something pretty cool the guys are doing when they’re in Vegas. We also hear about Text Editor, the guys submitting talks for RailsConf 2022, and Andrew fills us in on using lol_dba and Derailed Benchmarks. And you can’t miss the hilarious story Jason shares about the fire alarm going off during his talk at RubyConf 2017.

Parsers, Interpreters, and YJIT with Kevin Newton

Just in case you always wanted to know what a day in the life of Andrew Mason is like, from his early wake up, his hygiene, his favorite shows, and what time he goes to bed, then you’re in for a real treat because you will find out all of this and more. And if that’s not enough, we also have a great guest joining us, Kevin Newton, who is the Staff Production Engineer at Shopify and has been doing Ruby for about ten years now. Kevin and the guys have some fantastic conversations about compilers and by the end of this episode, hopefully it will alleviate any of the anxiety you may have felt about them because it truly is some fun stuff. Jason said he feels less intimidated than he did just listening to everything Kevin talks about. Go ahead and download this episode now to learn more!

Taylor Otwell, creator of the Laravel Framework

Jason kept his promise about doing an episode about Laravel, and today is the day!! Not only are we talking about the Laravel framework, but Jason got the creator, Taylor Otwell, as our guest today! We’ll learn where Laravel came from and a bootstrapper’s dream story. We find out what led Taylor into building his vast library, what his favorite Laravel package is, how Rails has influenced Laravel, and what’s next for Laravel. Also, the new Laravel Documentary just came out so go check that out. Go ahead and download this episode!

Bridgetown 1.0 with Jared White

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! Are you still listening? After last week’s episode, Jason doesn’t know if they lost every listener or we all just had a good time together, and he’s not sure there was even an in-between! Jason said it was so intense that at one point he didn’t know if he should just stop Andrew, but instead he had a real Frozen moment and just “Let it Go!” On today’s episode, Chris is back, and we have a return guest that brings so much fun energy to our lives and that is Jared White, Writer, Designer, Ruby Developer, and builder of Bridgetown. Today, we’ll be discussing all things Bridgetown v1 that’s coming out and it sounds quite fascinating. Jared tells us more about how he used Roda, which is a Ruby based web framework, and then he shares his journey of what it’s been like for Bridgetown now and what he sees happening in the future for Bridgetown. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Jason and Andrew Answer the Twitters

Jason and Andrew are in the house today, and instead of Remote Ruby they’re doing Remote Twitter. They’re going to talk about all different topics that people have requested on Twitter. The guys are super excited to dive into this especially since some of the things they may not know anything about, but they’re going to attempt every single thing that was sent to them. You won’t want to miss Jason as he busts out his theatrical skills with a dramatic reading of Haml(et), we hear a little bit of singing of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, and the story behind why Jason bought Andrew lobster.

Partying Hard with John Nunemaker

Jason and Chris have ice, snow, and freezing temps where they live, and Andrew is complaining about being cold at 60 degrees in Arizona! Maybe he’ll warm up when he starts his new job at Podia with Jason this week. Also, if you enjoy Flipper like the guys do, then you’re in for a treat with our guest. Today, joining us is John Nunemaker, builder of Flipper, which is feature flags for Ruby, as well as the programmer and owner of Box Out Sports, which is a content management system for social media graphics. John goes in depth about Flipper, Box Out Sports, some Flipper rules stuff he’s working on, and the Ruby gem he recently wrote called “brow.” And hopefully you’re not too “short on time” because John tells us more about the fascinating watch app he’s building and shares stories of the history behind some of the cool watches he’s found. Go ahead and download this episode now to learn more!

Ben Orenstein - From Developer To CEO of Tuple

On this episode, Jason tells us he’s a changed man since he got his Enneagram Test results back, and Andrew announces he’s an INTP, so he warns him to not come at him! We also have a great friend joining us from the early days of Remote Ruby. Today, we have Ben Orenstein, who went from being the “Vim Guy” to Co-founder and CEO of Tuple, which is a remote pair programming app that runs on macOS. Ben is here to chat with us about Tuple and all things pairing. Also,Tuple is hiring, so go ahead and download this episode to find out the positions Ben is looking to fill right now!

GitHub Codespaces & Docker with Benjamin Wood

We start off with Andrew inadvertently screwing up a sweet joke from The Office that Jason was trying to set up. But before the banter begins, Andrew announces after two years he’s finally shipped his website that you have to check out! Also, today joining us as our guest is Benjamin Wood, who is a Software Developer and owns a software consulting company called Hint that he co-founded. He’s been doing things with Docker for several years which we learn more about, and he’ll explain more on the new service that GitHub created called Codespaces, which is heavily Docker based. Some other discussions the guys have revolve around the state of VSCode in Ruby Extension, Vim, and the ongoing conversation that keeps coming up about the VSCode app on the iPad.

Elixir & GenServers with Andreas Eriksson

Jason either has a gout flare up or carpal tunnel, so he’s contemplating if he should get an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse since one of them is the culprit of his pain. What should this boomer do? For now, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens and get into chatting with our guest. Today, we have joining us Andreas Eriksson, who is an Elixir Consultant for Erlang Solutions. We brought him on so we can chat about Elixir, Phoenix LiveView, and other things, since we’ve all been fascinated with wanting to learn more about this stuff. We also find out about Andreas experience going from Ruby to Elixir, and what attracted him to the Elixir language after writing Ruby code for more than ten years.

Autoscaling Rails with Adam McCrea

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! We are Chris-less today, but thankfully we have a guest joining us. On this episode, we are chatting with Adam McCrea, who is a Ruby Developer, and the Founder and Developer of a Heroku add-on called Rails Autoscale. You are in the right place if you want to learn more about Rails Autoscale because Adam shares everything it does, the problem it solves, and when you should start using it. Also, he tells us about a new autoscaler he’s working on that’s going to be language-agnostic on Heroku, more about the Rails app YNAB, and what he’s most excited about that’s happening in the Ruby community. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out much more!

WNB.rb with Emily Giurleo & Jemma Issroff

The gang’s all here and we have some special guests with us today! Joining us are Emily Giurleo, a Software Engineer, member of the Ruby community, and the Founder of WNB.rb, which is a virtual community for women and non-binary Rubyists, as well as Jemma Issroff, a Software Engineer, member of the Ruby community, and co-organizer of WNB.rb. Emily and Jemma share their journey on how they found their way into Ruby, and you are in the right place if you want to learn more about WNB.rb, all the events they do, and their favorite experiences they’ve had so far. Jemma’ tells us about going to The Recurse Center and what she did there which led her to write more content. Also, if you want to join WNB.rb, Emily and Jemma tell us where to go.

Paul Bahr aka "Whats a GitHub?" aka "High School with Ashtrays"

This episode is what we’re calling a Remote Ruby Collaboration! We have Brittany Martin as our host from the Ruby on Rails podcast, joined by Jason and Andrew. We are going full on Meta with our editor, Paul Bahr, who is the CEO and Head Audio Editor at Peachtree Sound. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own Ruby podcast and need some tips and tricks, turn up your ear buds as we dive into everything audio. And btw, there are 337 ‘um’s’ that got deleted in this episode…take a moment of silence for their loss.

David Heinemeier Hansson on Rails 7.0, Hotwire, and the future of Rails

Grab a cup of coffee, turn up your earbuds, and brace yourself for a mind-blowing episode of Remote Ruby! Today, the Remote Ruby Squad has DHH joining them on the podcast to talk all things Rails 7 and the end of the Webpacker era. Also, with Hotwire being shipped in Rails 7, find out what’s next for DHH. Get ready to burn a hole in your replay button and go ahead and download this episode now!

Getting a Junior Developer Job with Jason Meller and Caitlin Cabrera

On this episode today, we have two great guests joining us, Jason Meller, who is the Founder and CEO of Kolide, and he brought with him Caitlin Cabrera, who is a Ruby Rails Programmer and a new employee at Kolide. We are going to find out more about Caitlyn’s journey into how she got her job at Kolide and what it’s like to be someone who’s a Junior Engineer. Caitlin explains more about how the interview process was for her, and Jason tells us about the assessment process they came up for her interview. We find out a challenge Jason’s having right now as an interviewer, some words of wisdom from Caitlin if you’re a Junior Developer out there looking for a job, and a deep conversation about ADHD. Also, Kolide is hiring, so download this episode to find out more!

Discussing Tech Careers with Thiago Araujo and Stefanni Brasil of Hexdevs

This week we are excited to have two guests joining us, Thiago Araujo and Stefanni Brasil, who are the Founders of hexdevs, where they build programs that train developers for excellence, as well as host the hexdevs podcast. We learn more about how Thiago and Stefanni started doing the open source livestreams and what their goals are for them. We have some deep discussions on doing interviews and if it would make a difference in what degree you had, the importance of mentors, and why techs have a bad rep. Steffani and Thiago give us the details on their workshop coming up soon which is giving Andrew good vibes because it sounds amazing!

Rails 7, Railties, and Sorbet at Shopify with Rafael França from Rails Core

We are back from RubyConf and excited to have as our guest, Rafael França, who works at Shopify and here to chat with us about Rails and Ruby things. Today, we learn what brought Rafael into Ruby and then into Rails. We find out more about what happened with the Rails and Merb merge, what a Railtie is, and how the Rails engine builds on top of the Railtie. He also tells us more about his team at Shopify, his thoughts on the state of Rails 7, using Types in Rails, Tapioca, and why Shopify chose Sorbet instead of RBS. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Live from RubyConf 2021!

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! We are LIVE from Denver at RubyConf 2021 with a big podcast crossover episode. Today, we have Jemma Issroff who is one of the co-hosts of the Ruby on Rails podcast and is moderating this panel. We have three other podcasts represented here across five panelists from Remote Ruby Podcast, The Code with Jason Podcast, and The Ruby on Rails Podcast. Joining us from those podcasts are Andrew Mason, Jason Charnes, Emily Giurleo, Nick Schwaderer, and Jason Swett. Today, we have discussions about the RubyConf talks, which ones everyone is most excited to go to, and what is so special about the Ruby community to each panelist. Then the conversation shifts to finding out why they like to come to these conferences, why they like to do podcasts, which podcasts they are most proud of putting out, thoughts on the diversity of people they bring on their podcasts, and stories about why everyone loves Brittany Martin! There are some questions from the live audience such as how they come up with interesting content for their podcasts, who their “Ruby Heroes” are, and how they avoid burnout from consistently producing episodes. This is a must listen to episode, so go ahead and download it now!

RubyConf 2021 | Talks We Liked and People We Met

Today, the conversation is all about RubyConf. You can just hear it in their voices how much fun they had just being with all their friends, catching up, eating out, and lots of great talks they went to. You won’t want to miss finding out the two things that Jason doesn’t like. Hint, one rhymes with schmarmabillo! Jason tells us more about Matz’s talk on the Ruby 3 Nexus, Chris fills us in on a new screencast he just did on the new load_async in Rails 7, and we find out some new things happening in the Ruby world. Go ahead and download this episode now to hear more funny stories from the guys!

Andrew and Jasons Mall Stories and Elixir

Any Rocket League players out there? Andrew is looking for anyone who is interested and wants to play with him, but just so you know, he is a gold ranked player! In other exciting news, the guys finally have that long awaited talk about Elixir, we hear the details about the Brakeman update, and some cool things going on in the Ruby World. Andrew and Jason are headed to RubyConf and they tell us what they’re most excited about. Also, we find out what fascinates Chris with Elixir of the LiveView and why Jason said, “Everything is stateful in LiveView.”

Ruby on the Apple M1 Max And Things You Expect To Be Fine But Arent

Today, we have Chris and Andrew in the house talking about how long their week was filled with a delay of windows at Chris’s house and Andrew shipping a new project at work. Let’s hope they can look through the glass to a better week ahead! In this episode, Andrew tells us about being in crunch time mode with the project he was working on and DNS issues he encountered, and Chris tells us why he’s been postponing the new Hatchbox launch. We learn why Chris loves his new Mac, installing issues on a new M1 Mac, issues with Sass, and the abandoned Ember CLI Rails gem. Also, a new GoRails Screencast is coming up soon with Chris and Kasper and find out more about the awesome tutorial that came out on “Deploying a Rails application to Kubernetes.”

Destroy Async, Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Parcel

We get an update about Jason’s power outage that happened last week, Chris tell us about an exciting point his house is at right now, and Jason has a billion dollar business idea for Chris that has to do with Pringles and shingles, and sadly Andrew puts that idea in the “gutter.” So pop open a can of Pringles or hit the Taco Bell drive-thru because the boys are about to take a deep dive into callbacks, some gems called Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Noticed, and find out more about Parcel and Rails Event Store. Also, the guys share stories about JQuery and what’s going on with Rails 7.

Turbo Native & Hotwire - How Polywork Supercharges Development

Unfortunately, Jason can’t be with us today since a storm ripped through his hometown, a tree came crashing down and ripped the electrical cords off his house, so now he has no power! However, Chris and Andrew are in the house and we are super excited to have three guests with us. Today, we have joining us from Polywork, Joe Ferrairo, Chris Polk, and Dylan Ginsburg. Joe is Engineering Lead, Chris is VP of Engineering, and Dylan is Lead iOS Engineer. They are here to talk more about Polywork and all the cool stuff they are doing to make it happen on the iOS side. We find out things that make a good Rails Developer and what type of person would be best to join the Polywork team. There is also an interesting story behind celebrity emoji keyboards and how Kanye tried to sue one of our guests! Also, Polywork is hiring!

Yuh-Jit - Optimizing JIT compiler built inside CRuby

Chris was all set to finally have his wedding ceremony, but he and his wife got COVID! They’re both feeling better, but the festivities will have to be rescheduled yet again. We’ll keep the good times rollin’ here today and we find out if the guys have done anything with Rails 7 yet. Jason tells us about using Lockbox and Symmetric Encryption, and we learn more about Ruby 3.1 and the new project from Shopify called YJIT. The guys also chat more TenderJit, “dnssd gem,” Rubyist 1.0 App, and DragonRuby. Also, Andrew makes an announcement that Ruby Radar is giving out free tickets to RubyConf 2021 so go check it out!

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