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Joined by Ben Orenstein

In this episode, Jason and Chris spend time chatting with Ben Orenstein. If you've been in the Ruby community for any length of time, you've likely seen some of Ben's work. Ben is working his new product Tuple, a pair programming tool for developers. He talks about his journey into programming with Rails, his transition into working for himself full-time, and what his life with Tuple entails.

Joined by Terence Lee

In this episode, Jason and Chris spend time chatting with Terence Lee. Terence is a member of The Ruby Core Team, an organizer of the conference formerly known as Keep Ruby Weird, an employee at Heroku, and is incredibly active in the Ruby community. The three spend their time together discussing how Terence got into programming and found himself on The Ruby Core Team, mruby, conference organizing, and more.

Joined by Chris Seaton

In this episode, Jason and Chris get a chance to talk with Chris Seaton. Chris works on TruffleRuby, a high-performance implementation of Ruby built on top of the GraalVM by Oracle Labs. Chris shares how TruffleRuby came to be, some of the benefits of using TruffleRuby, the status of the project, as well as an iOS Chris had a hand in building.

Joined by Eileen Uchitelle

In this episode, Eileen Uchitelle joins Chris and Jason to share her journey into programming, how she began contributing to Rails (and subsequently joining the Rails Core Team), and other fun facts/stories around software development.

Personal Life, Turbolinks Android 1.x Deprecation, & Autoloading

Chris and Jason spend the first ~20 minutes catching up and sharing personal stories. If you're not interested in that, fast forward 20 minutes to hear about Turbolinks for Android, Autoloading, suggest_rb, and run.rb.

Joined by Luca Guidi

With Chris sick 😢 Jason chats with Luca Guidi. Luca is the creator of the Ruby web framework Hanami. They discuss Luca's journey into programming all the way to Hanami preparing for a 2.0 alpha release.

Joined by Jason Swett

Jason Swett joins Chris and Jason (Charnes) to talk about testing in Rails and working with legacy applications.

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