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Jason Joins Team HAML?

The guys are all back today and Jason tells us his wife is due to have their baby next week, Chris finally closed on his construction loan, and Andrew tells us Arizona is hot and he’s still trying to get furniture for his place. The biggest news of the day is Jason wants to talk about Haml and Andrew couldn’t be more excited! We also learn that lvh.me went down and there were tons of Tweets about it, there are some new enhancements to the Request JS stuff, and the CFP’s are open for RubyConf and RubyKaigi that are happening this year. Also, you have to hear Andrew’s neurotic question to Jason of what’s going to happen when he sees him at the next RubyConf, and the funny events that took place when Jason visited Chris a few weeks ago that Andrew was getting grossed out about.

Rails' new Request.js library, Ruby Radar, and CSS for Email

his week, Andrew shares exciting news that the Ruby Radar newsletter he did with Collin Jilbert was released and it comes out on Sunday’s so make sure you check it out! Today, Chris and Andrew will fill your minds with so much impressive information today. We learn about elink, Maizzle, Rails Request.JS, and WWW-Authenticate header. Andrew tells us about some really cool Web Components called Shoelace, Lit, and Bridgetown Quick Search. Also, Chris and Andrew talk about element, Local Time from basecamp, and Design Tokens. And if that’s not enough, there’s a bunch of new releases happening in Ruby, and if you’re in the market and interested in writing Turbo, now is the time to do it because there is a huge need for it.

Announcing RubyRadar, new Rails 7 features, and Turbo Native Registration

Andrew is finally back and has stories to tell about what happened before his move, finding a place to live during a housing shortage, and what happened on his first IKEA experience! Now that he’s somewhat settled in, he catches up with Chris on what’s happening in Ruby on Rails land, which starts off with a story about a man’s submarine that is running Ruby. Also, we learn about an RSS reader called Inoreader, a newsletter Andrew is doing with Collin Jilbert called Ruby Radar, the improvements with Rails 7, and using Crystal and Lucky. Chris tells us he merged Turbo Native registration into Jumpstart and the Swift iOS app, and RubyConf 2021 is happening in-person this year!

Joined by CJ Avilla from Stripe

Jason is taking a road trip to visit Chris, and Andrew is still moving, so we hope to have him back with us soon. Today, we have a great guest joining us, CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate at Stripe. He also has a great YouTube channel if you need help, for beginners, juniors, or intermediate Web Developers to get you up to speed. This episode if packed full of information about Stripe and what it does beyond card payments. There are tons of exciting new things happening at Stripe in the next couple of months and CJ tells us about some of them. CJ helps Chris out with his payment stuff for iOS and he shares some advice for Jason on how to do tax rates. Also, we find out there’s a Stripe Sessions conference coming up in June, and CJ explains more about that.

Joined by Jason Swett

Today, Jason and Chris are here since Andrew is on his cross country move to Phoenix, and let’s just say Andrew certainly had a crazy week before he left. We do have a guest with us today, Jason Swett, who is a developer, speaker, author, host of “The Rails with Jason” podcast, and known for his writings online about Rails testing. Jason tells us what he does, explains service objects, why he thinks they are so popular, and why he would recommend to somebody writing pure Ruby. Chris talks about the Name of Person gem and what it does. We also find out about Jason’s new book, The Complete Guide to Rails Testing, that he recently released and a discount code for Remote Ruby listeners! And if the testing stuff sounds interesting, Jason tells us where you can go to get a little guide to help get you started.

Joined by Andrea Fomera, Tony Hawk, and starting a Rails Hackathon!

Andrew pulled a Tony Hawk, fell off his skateboard, and fractured his arm, so now he’s in a cast! But it’s all good because we are excited to have Andrea Fomera, Product Developer at Podia, as our guest. Today, she is here to talk Ruby with us and since she is the resident “Caddy Expert” at Podia, we decided to have her on to tell us all about Caddy and her Hotwire course. We also have a discussion on what NGINX and Passenger do, and there’s been some rumbling about “Rails Rumble” making a comeback which would be awesome!! Also, Chris makes an announcement about the launch of the Hotwire iOS template for Jumpstart Pro!

Building iOS apps using Hotwire / Turbo.js with Joe Masilotti

On today’s episode, Jason tells us he’s going to see a stand-up show featuring one of his favorite actors from the early nineties, and Chris tells us he hit a little delay with the house bid. Also, we are super excited to have as our guest, Joe Masilotti, an independent Turbo Developer. We find out what Joe does and things he has built as an iOS and Rails developer. Some other topics we dive into are on JavaScript Bridge, Progressive Enhancement, Path Configuration, Authentication, building an App and submitting to the App store process, and using a Ruby gem called fastlane. Joe shares so many cool things with us, so go ahead and download this episode now to find out much more!

Railsconf Talk Success, Request Variants, Deploying to Render, and Caddy Server

It’s been a super busy week for the guys between work and personal stuff. Chris gives us an update on how RailsConf 2021 went last week, and Andrew shares some “moving” news and a secret dream of his. We learn in detail about Chris’s talk at RailsConf, which was on Action Text, Turbo, and ActionMailbox. Then, the guys chat about using Trix, Markdown Editor, Turbo Native, and Render. Also, find out more about Caddy 2 and how Chris built something with job boards using Caddy. In addition, we learn about a new version of Hatchbox coming out soon, opinions on how Heroku needs improvements, and if there’s any news with Rails 7.0 being released.

ViewComponents and the Future of Assets with Joel Hawksley

Joining us on today’s episode, we have Joel Hawksley, an Engineer at GitHub and creator of ViewComponent. We learn what ViewComponents are, how Joel came up with the idea, and his latest experiment and vision for it, which is a big one. Joel tells us some ideas he has for Cuprite, and Andrew talks about how Percy is a nice tool to use. Also, for those of you who haven’t used the components library or maybe haven’t started thinking about building Rails apps in terms of components, Joel is here to help answer some questions Andrew has for him.

Building Marketplaces in Rails & Stripe Connect

Today, we have Jason and Chris in the house, starting out with a chat about bug rotations. They also discuss, Chris working on Rewardful stuff, Andrea Fomera’s new Hotwire course that was released, a new side project Jason’s been working on, and payment gotchas that he’s come across. In addition, the guys talk about using Stripe, Stripe Connect, Paddle, Braintree, OAuth, and Edge cases.

MimeMagic broke EVERYTHING

Chris and Andrew are here today, and we start with Chris telling us a story about his car fiasco that happened this past week with the DMV and the police showing up at his house but has a good ending! The guys dive into talking about Leftpad and the debacle that went down on Twitter with mimemagic. They also discuss the new version of Rails that was released, licenses and GPL packages, Andrew explains Vendor gems, Chris tells us about his talk at RailsConf 2021, and Rails 7 and Webpacker 6 are coming out soon as well. Also, there are a ton of Ruby meetups happening virtually and Andrew is speaking at one very soon!

Skypack and Snowpack with Fred Schott

This week, “Ol’ man” Jason has renewed his subscription to the “Behind the Times” newspaper and Chris and Andrew wonder what a newspaper actually is. ☺ Today, we have a great guest with us, Fred Schott, of Skypack and Snowpack fame! If you’re looking forward to not having to bundle JavaScript and excited about Webpack going bye bye, then listen here. Find out all about Skypack and Snowpack, what the Third Age of JavaScript is, and what ESM and modules are since they are both a foreign concept to some people.

Chain Smoking for Vaccines, Delegated Types, and Creating Courses

This week, Chris was almost running into an issue with the law, Jason is getting his COVID vaccine, and Andrew is chain smoking 100 cigarettes so he can get the COVID vaccine. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em boys! There is never a dull moment in the life of our “Gang of Rubyists!” Today, the guys discuss Delegated Types, steps to create an online training course, and what Chris’s RailConf 2021 talk is about.

Advocating for Junior Devs, Hotwire and HTMX

Andrew is celebrating his birthday, Chris can’t wait until he can go back to a RailsConf in person one day, and Jason really wants to hang out with people. For now, we will just have to keep things virtual, like RailsConf 2021 which will be happening in April, and Chris tells us about a talk he submitted to it. Andrew fills us in about a virtual talk at a meetup he’s giving in June, which he will be advocating for junior dev’s since it’s so important to him. Other topics discussed are Turbo, putting Turbo into React Native, using Turbo to build a PWA, htmx, how awesome TypeScript is, and the importance of writing better Ruby. Also, who knew there were different versions of JSON?

Building a Business on Rails with Mike Perham

It’s been a crazy week of weather in Jason, Chris, and Andrew’s hometowns, but thankfully we have a great guest to take away the winter blues. Today, we have Mike Perham from Sidekiq and Faktory fame. We find out what Sidekiq is and a great story about what led Mike into starting it, as well as Faktory. Other topics in the discussion are how Active Jobs plays into Sidekiq, an experiment Mike did with Sidekiq and Crystal, and Mike giving some inspiring advice on how teaching and building trust work hand in hand.

Launching 12in12.io, Dependency Confusion Attack, and Conventional Commits

Andrew is cracking open a new playdough to remember his childhood days and the guys reminisce about a few of their favorite episodes of The Office. On today’s episode, we get a follow up from Andrew with moving and archiving his repos, how he perfected a gem release workflow, and using Conventional Commits. Chris tells us about a live stream he did with Freek Van der Herten and tells us about an app called Ray. We also learn more about 12in12.io, Chris wanting to do job boards, the Dependency Confusion attack, and Diffend. Jason explains what a recurring rotation does, and he finished his course, so go buy it because you will learn a ton of stuff! Also, find out why Jason is proud of Andrew’s “Git energy!”

Jason's run in with the cops, Andrew deletes his GitHub, and Madmin launches?

On today’s episode, the guys start off telling us how they all had a very rough, eventful week that let’s just say, involved an architect, the police, and repos and data lost. Then, they dive right into Jason telling us how he completed his testing videos for his StimulusReflex course but has hit a weird spot with the app being a little incomplete. Chris talks about the OmniAuth 2.0 course being out now and how he saved and resurrected madmin. We also learn about the 12 in 12 project that was released this week, Andrew trying to clean up projects, tying up loose ends, and how his GitHub is a mess. Will Andrew delete his GitHub? Will Andrew still be a programmer? Will Andrew’s sanity stay intact? Find out next week, same time, same podcast.

Rails for Beginners, Site Editors, and Skypack

Did you know the DHH episode we did a couple of weeks ago broke the record for fastest downloaded episode previously held by DHH? On today’s episode, the guys dive right into talking about callbacks. Then, we learn all about Chris’s new course he did called “Ruby on Rails for Beginners, Jason rebuilding their site editor, some information about Skypack and Snyk, and an issue that came up with turbo that Chris resolves. And, find out Andrew’s fun fact and when Jason is releasing his final StimulusReflex course.

Building Products in Rails with Brian Casel

Now that the election is over the news seems pretty boring. Joining us today on this episode as we welcome special guest, Brian Casel, a designer and software developer, who owns a company called Audience Ops, he’s Founder of ProcessKit, and he builds SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product ideas using Ruby on Rails. In addition, he also does a podcast called Bootstrapped Web. Brian tells us all about what he does and how he got into Rails We also learn more about Audience Ops, ProcessKit, Sunrise KPI, and his newest release, Thready.

Rails LTS deep dive with Tobias Kraze

New Year, same old us! Today, we have a special guest, Tobias Kraze, an Executive Engineer at Makandra, a German company. We are talking with him about Rails LTS, which provides security patches for old versions of Ruby on Rails. Tobias tells us all about it, why it was created, and what it does for people. We also learn how Tobias got started in Rails. We end with the guys chatting about TypeScript and JavaScript.

Hotwire, Rails NEXT, and the DHH Stack™ with David Heinemeier Hansson

On today’s episode we welcome back DHH. We dive straight into talking about Hotwire, the “NEW MAGIC” that was developed by Basecamp. We also dig into what’s next for Rails (including what the next version will be!) as well as what DHH is exploring in the JavaScript world, currently. DHH also shares some advice to the Junior Developers out there who are learning Rails. This was an incredible episode to record, we hope you enjoy it!

Talkin' Puma and the Rails Performance Workshop with Nate Berkopec

Today we have a special guest Nate Berkopec, who runs a Ruby on Rails performance consultancy called Speedshop. He’s back with us to catch up and talk about Rails and performance and what’s happening with Puma. Nate tells us about his Rails Performance Workshop he recently released, his book, and he shares advice on what you should do if want to learn more about performance. The guys chat about the release of Hotwire, Nate explains Global VM Lock, Ractor is being released soon, and the “virtual machine” that runs Ruby code. Also, Nate shares stories with us what it was like traveling during the pandemic. Download this episode now to find out much more!

Andrew's HAML Tattoo

Hello and welcome to Remote Ruby! Haml is life! There is talk of Andrew getting a HAML tattoo and “apparently” he’s agreed to it! 😎 Jason’s StimulusReflex course has dropped in early access and he tells us how he’s feeling about it. Andrew goes in depth about Snowpack, Webpacker, and Skypack. Then, Andrew tells us about Vercel and annotated template file names. Jason brings up delegated types in STI and the guys chat about how there’s way better support for Sharding now in Rails 6.1. An old gem is brought up that moved out of Rails called acts_as_list, and the guys chat about supporting communities and people making good stuff, and to go buy Jason’s course! Download this episode now to find out much more!

The Early Days of Rails, Long-term Maintenance, and Oh My Zsh with Robby Russell

On today’s episode our guest is Robby Russell, CEO and Founder of Planet Argon, the creator of Oh My Zsh, and host of Maintainable Software Podcast. Robby tells us some of things he’s involved in, how he got into Ruby on Rails, and Z shell (Zsh). We find out how things have changed in the Rails community, since Robby’s been in it for a long time. Robby explains how’s he not a maker, but a mender. Also, we learn some cool things to do with Oh My Zsh and some common misunderstandings with the project. He also tells us some of his favorite plug-ins and a new theme he’s working on. Download this episode now to find out much more!

HTML over Websockets is all the rage

Jason and Chris are here today, and they start off with talking about a busy Black Friday weekend. In the Ruby on Rails world, Rails 6.1 RC2 is out, and there’s been some buzz on Twitter with DHH about some new magic happening with it. Chris tells us about the new updates with Stimulus 2.0 and how job queues play into WebSockets. Chris has been working on a custom process support for Hatchbox and he built his own version of CableReady to use, and Jason tells us why CableReady just keeps getting better. Also, Chris tells us all about the Ruby Advent Calendar that you should check out.

Live Recording: Hotwire Release Day

In a surprise, random turn of events- we hopped on a live stream and talked about the NEW MAGIC: Hotwire the day it dropped. In this episode we share some early thoughts and excitement for the new libraries coming out of Basecamp into Rails. This isn't your typical Remote Ruby episode, but we sure hope you enjoy it!

Andrew's Haml/ERB trailer, TailwindCSS 2.0, and instant Browser Notifcations with CableReady

The gang is all here today and they have so much to talk about. Jason tells us he’s finally updated a Rails app he built in March and he did the Tailwind 2.0 update. Chris talks about patching Webpacker to fix the Webpack DevServer changes, and Andrew shares some info about why it may not have been working for him. Chris shares a fun fact about Rails Webpackers master version that may make you laugh! Other topics discussed are an issue Jason ran into with trying to get PurgeCSS working, the Ryan Bates DigitalOcean extravaganza/Tweet he made, Hatchbox and CableReady updates, the new release of Mac and the M1 chip, Hey is having a dumpster fire, and Andrew’s video trailer for Haml/ERB is premiering here today! You don’t want to miss it!

Modeling friendships is hard, Railscasts nostalgia, and reviving ActsAsTenant

Chris and Jason are in the house today and they will be spending the whole episode talking about their love for ERB since Andrew is not here. JK! Jason finally gets to check this off his to-do list and talk about modelling friendships in your database. Chris tells us about watching a RailsCast episode by Ryan Bates, Tweets that Ryan made recently, and Jason brags on something Chris did for Ryan. Other topics they dive into are Acts As Tenant gem, a card game Jason built in Rails, what Jason did with a Stimulus Reflex Course, and a Tailwind Stimulus Components library Chris built. Also, Tailwind CSS v2.0 was released, and find out what Chris wrote that he may be turning into a Screencast very soon!

Bridgetown, APIStruct, Hashie, and generating PDF forms in Rails

Jason has COVID with mild symptoms and is quarantining at home, but thankfully he is with us today. Chris is looking forward to conferences and dinners out one day and Andrew made a short video on YouTube you can check out, on how to use Tailwind CSS with BridgetownRB. Other topics discussed are RubyConf 2020, Andrew using Snowpack, Headless UI, and two cool gems to check out called ApiStruct and Hashie. Also, Chris tells us about an old app he inherited that’s over nine years old with a lot of baggage in the library, Jason’s PDF’s he’s been generating, and a great gem he found called PrawnRailsForms that look like forms from the IRS!

Modernizing A Community Is Hard

Jason and Chris start off by talking about the crazy election week. Then, Chris announces there’s good news on the horizon with Ruby 3.0 and Rails 6.1 coming out soon and the changes happening. The guys have discussions on Turbolinks, StimulusReflex, Webpack, and Snowpack. Some other hot topics today are contributing to Docs, community building, and Rails Developers not wanting to change or learn new things. Also, find out why Chris loves Convention over Configuration and what is this talk about Andrew building a Haml video?

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