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What else can Rails add by default?

In this episode, we discuss GitHub's upgrade from Rails 3.2 to Rails 5.2, the introduction of ActionText, our yearning for authentication built-in to Rails, and Hacktoberfest spam.

Chasing Bugs, Redis, Tailwind-Stimulus Controllers, and Superleggera

Chris and Jason start their morning talking about different projects they've been working on.

Joined by "Schneems" (Richard Schneeman)

In this episode, Chris and Jason invite their first guest. Richard Schneeman is a Rails committer actively involved in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails community. It is an honor he agreed to join us and hope you enjoy the conversation around committing to Rails, flossing one tooth, and looking for performance insights in your applications.

Staying Awake, Performance Improvements, Abandoned Open Source, and Little Computers

Join us as we share weird stories from the week, talk about performance improvements in Rails and our own apps, open source projects, and the Surface Go. Plus a bunch of random stuff in-between.

Secret Project X, Payments in Rails, More Javascript 😅, and Mastodon

We're back, yet again, talkin' Ruby. This week we caught up after our weekend trip to work on Secret Project X™. Such topics include Pay (our Rails gem for payments in Rails), separating your front-end from the backend, Stimulus JS 1.1, Turbolinks iOS + Android, and Mastodon.

Rails 6 + Webpacker, Stimawesome, StimulusJS, and a Secret Project

Still getting back into that Podcast Grind™ Jason and Chris explore Rails 6's introduction of Webpacker as the default JavaScript pipeline, Stephen Dolan's spectacular StimulusJS website (Stim Awesome), and some ramblings on a codecation Chris and Jason are taking to work on Secret Project X.

We're Back! Southeast Ruby, Rails 5.2.1, Hanami 1.3.beta1, NodeJS, and Laravel

Chris and Jason return from Southeast Ruby talkin' about conferences, Rails, Hanami, NodeJS, and Laravel.

More Caching, WordPress -> Jekyll, OAuth'n

Five episodes in 😱 Chris and Jason talk about Jason's experience with caching, moving his WordPress website over to Jekyll, Southeast Ruby, and some OAuth related things.

Rails Caching, Jump Servers, Refactoring, and Some JavaScript

Chris and Jason talk about Rails Performance, refactoring, and more!

NGINX, Prettier, and Recursion, and Recursion

A catch-up week for Chris and Jason, they discuss Ruby 2.2, Hatchbox, NGINX, Prettier for Ruby, and Elixir/Recursion.

Github, Feedgate, and React Native/Rails APIs

In this Episode, Chris and Jason chat about Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub, the worst weekend (programming) or Jason's life, as well as some React Native apps built alongside Rails APIs. Buckle up; it's a wild ride.

Hello, World!

In the introductory episode, Chris and Jason introduce the Remote Ruby podcast, catch up on some Ruby-related news, and then chat about what they're creating.

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