Testing performance, Madmin is getting revied, and Railties vs Engines

On today’s episode, Andrew tried Linter Action again and he tells us what happened. Then, Andrew tells us he’s been getting into some big testing and talks about Evil Martians blog and checking out TestProf and Terraforming. Chris goes in depth about starting to revive the old Madmin gem that him and Andrew Fomera were working on a while ago. Chris explains the difference between a Railtie and an Engine. Chris launched an early access Advanced Ruby course on GoRails so go check it out! There’s a lot of cool stuff going into Rail 6.1 and so many new gems coming out. Be a part of the Ruby Renaissance and download this episode now to find out more!

[00:02:34] Andrew tells us what happened when he gave Linter Action another try. He also talks about code scanning alerts and RuboCop.

[00:05:14] Andrew tweeted a picture of the UI and it doesn’t look like what you think it would, but he found it to be pretty cool (link below). He also talks about Checks API and Pronto gem.

[00:11:33] New this week, Andrew has gotten really big into testing and has seen the bottom of the weeds. He’s been scouring Evil Martians blog and following them on GitHub seeing what they are putting out and mentions checking out TestProf and Terraforming.

[00:20:57] Andrew tells us about an app he’s a fan of called Shotgun. 

[00:24:57] Speaking of new gems, Chris talks about him and Andrew Fomera have been starting to revive the old Madmen gem they were planning on building two years ago. Also, on a side note, (cough) Chris just swallowed a bug. Yikes! He then goes into the difference between a Railtie and an Engine. 

[00:39:46] Chris launched the Advanced Ruby course of behind the scenes of how Rails features and other things like Rake use Ruby to do complicated stuff.

[00:42:00] Andrew wants to talk about the actual launching Chris’s course and the logistics of it.  Find out what kind of software Andrew thinks is sexy. ☺ 

[00:47:38] Andrew is curious and asks Chris how easy was it for him to set up that subdomain to Podia off the GoRails. The web server Caddy is talked about too. 

[00:50:10] Andrew tells us why we have to add rel “noreferrer” and “noopener” on links that target blank and why you’re supposed to. 

[00:56:05] Andrew mentions there’s a lot of cool stuff going into Rails 6.1 and in the community now with a lot of gems that are coming out.  Could this be a Ruby Renaissance? 

Andrew Mason
Chris Oliver

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