Rails Hosting Survey results & Junk Drawers for Code

Have you heard the great news? The Remote Ruby Podcast was voted one of the favorite technical podcasts, listed second, on Planet Argon’s 2020 Ruby on Rails Community Survey. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!! We are humbled and excited! On today’s episode, the guys discuss CableReady’s morph functionality. Chris has been working on a new course and he fills us in on that. Andrew and Chris discuss their favorite live streaming choices. Chris installed Rails 1.0 and finds it fascinating. Andrew tells us about lib directory and Jason talks about Mixins. Also, Andrew and Chris discuss monkey patching gems. Download this episode now to find out all this and more!

[00:00:55] Jason explains his absence last week because he was trying to trace down a bug with CableReady and morphed them how they worked together.

[00:10:05] Chris has been working on a new course which he’ll announce soon. He wants to get into the meta programming, classes and modules, class variables, just more advanced Ruby stuff. He mentions how he did a screencast on “The Gilded Rose Kata.” 

[00:13:40] Andrew tells us he’s been drowning at work, working on the podcast app for Rebase, and diving into the world of podcast hosting and podcast statistics. Andrew makes an AWESOME announcement about this podcast! ☺

[00:17:45] This past weekend Chris installed Rails version 1.0 and got it mostly running. Why did he say it’s fascinating? 

[00:22:42] Andrew and Chris discuss their favorite live streaming choices. 

[00:26:54] Andrew tells us why he loves putting code in the lib directory. 

[00:31:25] Jason talks about Mixins always being confusing for him when he first got started. 

[00:36:41] Jason is talking about the concerns directory and Chris asks Jason if he ever has code that isn’t a module or a class and do you put them in initializers or a lib folder. Andrew talks about monkey patching gems.

[00:42:35] Andrew asks Chris if he is going to monkey patch a gem where are you going to put that code?

[00:46:35] Chris wonders what lib means and how it becomes a junk drawer and he mentions re-evaluating the naming the things. 


Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason
Jason Charnes



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