Building Homes & Software, Translations, and Bridgetown

The guys are all back together today! Andrew finally cleaned his room, which is a big deal for him, Jason is packing since he decided to sell his house, and Chris is still trying to find stuff that he packed from his move. Today, the guys discuss Stripes Docs Billing, AppLocale, Phrase, Bridgetown RB, Liquid Components, and it sounds like a new screencast is in the works for Chris. Another great episode packed with fascinating information! Download this episode now!

[00:03:02] Jason and Chris chat about moving, selling, and designing their new homes. Chris has gone down a rabbit hole lately and tells us to check out a Matt Risinger, a builder in Texas, on YouTube. 

[00:11:20] Jason talks about using Stripe's hosted billing stuff and it was a dream come true. Chris brings up Paddle and wanting to try it.

[00:21:19] Chris has been spending the past few days extracting every string out of Jumpstart Pro into Locales and he finds there some cool stuff and some annoying stuff.

[00:23:46] Andrew informs Chris that after he converted Jumpstart to Slim, he converted it back. Why?

[00:26:32] Chris talks about a new screencast he wants to do. 

[00:31:27] Chris wants to discuss with the guys if you have several pages that are similar, like your edit screen, and they all have a back link, do you make separate locale translation for each of the back links and just have duplicates, or do you extract that out as one parent level thing? Andrew plugs AppLocale. 

[00:36:48] Jason talks about using PhraseApp (which is now called Phrase).

[00:39:53] Andrew’s been playing with Bridegtown this week and having so much fun. He also mentions that Jared’s come out with some crazy cool new stuff recently replacing Liquid with ERB, Hamil, or Slim.

[00:44:35] Andrew tells us about Jared creating Liquid Components, which he builds his pages with. Also, he’s still interviewing and watching “The Boondocks.” 

[00:49:48] Chris mentions to Andrew that DHH is hiring developers soon and Andrew saw on GitHub some open Rails Engineer positions too.

[00:53:30] Chris announces that next week they will have Steve Polito back on the show and he got a job because of our podcast!! YAY!! ☺

Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason
Jason Charnes


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