Andrew needs a job and TailwindCSS ViewComponents

On this episode, we have Jason and Andrew. Andrew tells us he was recently laid off from his job, so he is surfing the job market looking for a new one. Today we find out what Andrew’s been using to redo his website. Jason tells us about his field help app he’s been working on and ideas of things he wants to put in his app, and Andrew gives him some great suggestions. The guys also have talks about Tailwind UI, View Components, BridgetownRB, Tailblocks, and Awesome Tailwind CSS. Also, if you or anyone you know is looking for a Rails Developer, message Andrew on Twitter or email him on his website (links below). ☺

[00:01:03] Andrew fills us in on being laid off from his job and he talks about how his job search is going. 

[00:09:32] Jason asks Andrew how the interviewing process has been going and if he’s had to do any whiteboarding. Andrew tells us what he’s had to do for some interviews. 

[00:14:32] Andrew tells us he’s been redoing his website with BridgetownRB, Tailwind, and little bit of Stimulus. He also mentions Tailwind Builder and what it does. He gives a s/o to Jared White from BridgetownRB who was recently on this podcast. 

[00:20:26] Jason talks about using a Jekyll Tailwind starter kit and working on his Field Help app which he wants to launch now. Andrew tells us about a blog post he wrote on how to integrate Tailwind which is on  and his site his Open Source.   Also, the BridgetownRB site inside the BridgetownRB main repo is another great resource.
[00:22:37] Jason’s had some ideas brewing in his mind about Tailwind UI and whether or not he should put in into his field help app.  He has a few ideas that he runs by Andrew, mainly about using View Components, and Andrew gives him some good ideas. 

[00:26:28] Jason is working with making a navigation component which became specific with his app. He made a button component and wonders if you just make a button component and not have a background.  Also, he wonders how do you make that a reusable component for other projects and how would Andrew approach this?

[00:34:47] Andrew tells us about this idea he’s been thinking about for a while. He’s been collecting Tailwind resources and reading a lot of component or design systems in other languages and researching how they’re doing it.

[00:37:04] Andrew explains to us Tailwind’s philosophy and he tells us he’s been working on a style guide system so you can see all the types of your components, all the variants, see the code, and maybe some best practices using it. 

[00:44:53] Andrew mentions Awesome Tailwind CSS where he finds things he likes to use. The other thing he likes to use is Tailblocks.


Jason Charnes
Andrew Mason


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