Past Rubies and Rails history with Nick Schwaderer

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, our special guest is Nick Schwaderer, a Rubyist, who works for a company called, Chef, in the Belfast office in Northern Ireland. On today’s episode, Jason starts us off by talking about the form stuff he’s been working on. Nick talks about “Past Rubies” which will be reappearing soon. The merge of Rails and Merb is mentioned and a fascinating blog post about it. Also, Brighton Ruby’s remote conference is brought up and what they are giving out. We talk about modules, concerns, Gilded Rose Kata, and how the community relations maintenance part is so important to deal with. Also, find out why Andrew calls Chris the “shiz!”

[00:03:20] Jason talks about the form stuff he’s been working on in Reflex.

[00:08:02] Nick tells us about the background of “Past Rubies,” which has been on hiatus since Christmas, but will be reappearing in the next month.  

[00:15:12] The merge of Rails and Merb is brought up by Chris and he mentions a fascinating blog post by Yehuda Katz. 

[00:21:30] Nick talks about Brighton Ruby’s alternative conference which is a remote conference this year and they are giving a hard copy of “Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby.”

[00:29:30] Andrew talks about a RailsCast he watched called, “Polymorphism” which he says is still completely relevant.  Chris also has a story about one he watched too. 

[00:37:00] In talking about modules and concerns, Chris brings up the Gilded Rose Kata programming challenge, and James Gray II and his solution in Ruby on GitHub that used modules and includes them dynamically to solve it. 

[00:40:04] Nick talks about a project he is tackling right now which is open source called InSpec. He then mentions Ryan Davis, a maintainer he did this project with, who is the owner of many tests, and so many other things, and had a cool way of approaching problems. Andrew has a story about him too when he saw him at RailsConf one year. 

[00:44:54] Nick talks about how he enjoys being fully OSS maintainer, just Ruby, and he mentions how the community relations maintenance part is so important to deal with and he didn’t even think about it when he was consuming everything.  Chris also has some stories to tell. 

[00:51:15] Andrew brings up the people behind taking care of issues on GitHub who are volunteers and not getting paid. 

[00:53:54] Andrew talks about a big part of what a developer’s job is, besides code, and Chris shares his view about programming. 


Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason

Nick Schwaderer


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