Stimulus Reflex BlackJack, Leaving ActionText, and Calendar Gems

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Jason is Back and he has a lot to share! The guys all catch up and start out talking about fun video games and gaming devices that they’ve been using to have a little fun in their life aside from working. They get down to business eventually and talk about what’s new in the Ruby World. Jason lets us in on a new Ruby Gem he’s released and a new game he’s been working on using Stimulus Reflex. Chris did a major update in Rails. Andrew’s been working on a lot of components and using parts of Chris’s calendar gem at CodeFund. You need to download this episode now to find out why Andrew is now Team ERB and has disavowed HAML ☺! WHAT???!!!!!

[00:01:13] Jason talks about how he needs to start doing some upgrades on HopeGrid. And because the guys do like to have fun, they talk about gaming devices and fun video games they’ve been playing. 

[00:07:45] Andrew and Chris talk about playing the video games “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto.” 

[00:10:50] So, what’s new in Ruby World? Chris did a major update to GoRails.

[00:13:41] Chris asks the guys if they’ve seen the Sizzy browser.

[00:17:28] Chris mentions using Alpine.js for drop downs that were straight from a Tailwind UI and Jason chimes in to talk about it.

[00:20:33] Jason talks about his new Ruby Gem that he released into the world called, 
 “to_Jason” and he’s been working on a new blackjack game with Stimulus Reflux.

[00:22:54] Andrew mentions we have a site called “” where he can put really cool demos.  Chris talks about wanting to play with “broadcasting.” 

[00:29:02] Back to Jason’s blackjack game, he talks about another cool thing he did with it using active-record import for importing new records and he explains what he did. Let’s say it’s been mentally stimulating and exciting for Jason working on this project. 

[00:34:57] Another thing Jason worked on is he migrated “field help off action text” and he paired up with Andrew to do this.  Chris wants to hear all about this. 

[00:39:56] Andrew has been working on components…a lot of components. He talks about using Chris’s calendar gem.

[00:46:47] Listen here to find out why Andrew is now Team ERB ☺. 

[00:52:35] The guys discuss their choice of password apps.  Andrew uses Google Authenticator, Chris uses Authy, and Jason uses 1Password.   

[00:53:47] Jason mentions in Ruby Weekly today, GitHub is sponsoring, Matz, the creator of Ruby. Show some love and sponsor Matz!


Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason

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