Sheltering in Place, Building Products, and trying out StimulusReflex

With everyone pretty much on a “Shelter In Place” order, the guys catch up on what’s going on, the few times they’ve gotten out of the house, and more. The guys talk about their past week working on the HopeGrid app and Jumpstart/Jumpstart Pro. Hear the issues and solutions that came up with in this episode. Also, since Nate talked about his dealings with StimulusReflex last week, Chris got some time to play around with it. Find out how it went.

[00:01:47] Chris talks about how with gas prices being so low and no one being on the road, the Cannonball Run (NY-LA car race) people are talking about how now would be a good time to run the race. 

[00:03:41] With RailsConf 2020 getting cancelled. Chris was asked to record what was going to be his presentation for RailsConf…for what is now being dubbed as RailsConf 2020.2 “Couch Edition,” which brings some of RailsConf 2020 right to the comfort of your couch. Online viewing starts on May 5th. 

[00:04:23] Jason launched the HopeGrid App for churches. He worked on it for a week. He talks about with a deadline looming how your priorities change. 

[00:05:43] This reminds Chris of how annoying multi-tenancy stuff can be. He talks about the project he was working on. Dealing with things like how to enforce security on the multi-tenancy stuff and keeping customer data separate.

[00:11:44] Chris cites an example using GitHub’s account types and how he wanted something similar for Jumpstart. Now he needs to work on notifications, like how Laravel has built in. He likes how Slack, email, SMS and database notifications are all separate.   

[00:14:44] Jason, who uses Postmark for transactional emails, has been struggling with it a bit. He sends two types of emails, invitational and need. His needs ones are making it through just fine, but the only 50% of his invitational ones are making it through. How did he fix it? Sometimes it just takes a simple “bush” fix.    
[00:18:25] Chris talks about how he wonders when Rails 6.1 will be released since RailsConf 2020 got cancelled. The guys talk about Stimulus, Turbolinks, and Webpacker 5.

[00:22:20] Chris goes into why versioning is tough. Issues like supporting Stripe payments from up to 10 different models. He discusses how he made changes to Jumpstart to support multiple billable models. 

[00:28:24] If you heard last week’s episode, Nate walked us through StimulusReflex and Chris had some time to play around with it. Hear his thoughts. Tease: “It kinda feels like magic”. 

[00:34:31] Chris talk about the sorting feature he was working on with Jason that he added to Jumpstart. He talks about how StimulusReflex would make sorting more like a data table. Possible future screencast example for Chris? 

[00:39:36] Hatchbox FTW! Jason was trying to set up a wildcard domain on Heroku, and once again Hatchbox saves the day. 


Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason (he says howdy) ☺ 


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