Rails 7, Railties, and Sorbet at Shopify with Rafael França from Rails Core

We are back from RubyConf and excited to have as our guest, Rafael França, who works at Shopify and here to chat with us about Rails and Ruby things. Today, we learn what brought Rafael into Ruby and then into Rails. We find out more about what happened with the Rails and Merb merge, what a Railtie is, and how the Rails engine builds on top of the Railtie. He also tells us more about his team at Shopify, his thoughts on the state of Rails 7, using Types in Rails, Tapioca, and why Shopify chose Sorbet instead of RBS. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

[00:01:23] Rafael tells us what got him into Ruby and eventually into Rails.

[00:05:08] We learn more about Rafael’s experience working at Plataformatec.

[00:06:28] Rafael explains more about the Rails and Merb merge.

[00:11:18] Find out when Rails engines became a thing, what a Railtie is, and how the Rails engine builds on top of the Railtie. 

[00:15:44] Chris wonders how the engine approach has helped organize such a big application like Shopify and Rafael tells us about a challenge with the lack of tooling.

[00:20:11] Rafael goes in depth about his team at Shopify.

[00:24:26] We hear about the state of Rails 7. 

[00:27:32] Jason asks Rafael what it would take to get some authentication.

[00:32:41] Chris wonders how Rafael makes commits to every single repository all the time, and how does he decide what fits in Rails and what doesn’t. 
[00:37:58] Rafael gives us his guess of when Rails 7 will be released.

[00:41:23] Chris asks Rafael if there are any plans to adopt something like Hotwire going forward in Shopify, and Andrew asks how Rafael has felt about Shopify’s movement to Types and if he like it.

[00:45:12] Why did Shopify choose Sorbet instead of RBS? 

[00:47:22] Rafael shares his thoughts on never using Types in Rails, and more about using Tapioca with Sorbet.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason

Rafael França



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