Rails Jobs: How to Win Friends and Influence People

On today’s episode, Andrew announces that he did yoga this week for the first time and he actually enjoyed it! We also learn that companies are moving away from whiteboard interviews and are doing it via pairing interviews, and why recruiters can be helpful in finding a job. Chris and Andrew share stories and exceptional advice on the best ways to get a job, and there are some key things that they elaborate on that could help you be successful in your job search, which are to be ambitious, learn to ask, find a mentor, be engaging, build connections, be helpful, be curious, and be willing to do the work. If you haven’t heard of “office hours” Andrew talks all about it and it’s definitely worth checking out.

[00:02:00] Chris and Andrew reminisce about Wii Fit, Dungeons & Dragons, and card games, which we learn Andrew became a cheater in card games. 
[00:04:57] Andrew gives two shout-outs, Jason Swett had his hundredth podcast of “Rails with Jason” this week, and Brittany Martin moved her Ruby on Rails podcast. 

[00:07:50] Andrew shares some interesting information he learned about companies moving away from whiteboard interviews and now doing pairing interviews, and Chris talks about how important it is to make interviewing fair to the Junior Developers.

[00:14:32] We find out from Andrew that Brittany is hiring right now and to find out more you should listen to her podcast (linked below), and Chris and Andrew chat about how recruiters could be quite helpful in finding a job. 

[00:21:56] Andrew shares a bunch of notes he took from Brittany’s podcast which could help you in your job search. 

[00:29:10] The guys touch on the topic of mentorship, and Chris mentions a great book to read called, Mastery, which is about mentorship.

[00:31:55] Andrew and Chris share their thoughts on the importance of first impressions and how you have to do what works for you. They talk about going to conferences, meeting people at them, and Chris tells us how he met Jason for the first time.

[00:42:15] Being ambitious is a hot topic here and we find out about some Ruby projects out there that offer “office hours” where they pair with you on a project with a Senior Programmer, such as Nate Berkopec, who will work with you on Rails and Ruby for free!  Andrew names a few of the Ruby projects such as Puma, Hanami, and Ruby for Good that offer this.  

[00:44:06] Chris tells a story about when he was interviewing developers at LaunchCode and finding the right person for the job.

[00:46:57] We end with a quick tip from Andrew which is to start reading Ruby and he explains what you need to do. Also, Chris shares a few bits of advice on finding a job.

Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason



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