Jason Joins Team HAML?

The guys are all back today and Jason tells us his wife is due to have their baby next week, Chris finally closed on his construction loan, and Andrew tells us Arizona is hot and he’s still trying to get furniture for his place. The biggest news of the day is Jason wants to talk about Haml and Andrew couldn’t be more excited! We also learn that lvh.me went down and there were tons of Tweets about it, there are some new enhancements to the Request JS stuff, and the CFP’s are open for RubyConf and RubyKaigi that are happening this year. Also, you have to hear Andrew’s neurotic question to Jason of what’s going to happen when he sees him at the next RubyConf, and the funny events that took place when Jason visited Chris a few weeks ago that Andrew was getting grossed out about.

[00:00:58] We start off by Andrew telling us he’s working in a weird area of the internet doing stuff with Adobe and the guys catch up on what’s going on in their lives.
[00:07:59] It’s not a joke! Jason wants to talk about Haml, and how interested and excited he is to see they’re working on it again (you can certainly hear the cheering from Andrew). ☺ Andrew talks about Haml released their “roadmap” for what they want to do and how they’re trying to get some funds on Google sponsors. 

[00:09:55] Chris mentions lvh.me went down this week and a bunch of people were tweeting about it.
[00:15:39] Andrew has a networking question and wants to know if he took a local domain on his computer but have that accessible to his WIFI for example, he wonders if you could get access to this but nowhere else. 
[00:22:42] Speaking of JavaScript, Chris mentions there’s some new enhancements to the Request.JS stuff that they talked about last week. 

[00:24:18] Andrew wonders if Turbo is more of a risk to use since the people that were building and maintaining Turbo have now moved on from basecamp. 

[00:33:51] We hear the CFP’s are open for RubyConf 2021 and RubyKaigi 2021 and you have to hear Andrew’s neurotic question he asks Jason. ☺

[00:36:24] Jason and Chris chat about the visit they had with each other a few weeks ago and the events that took place, as well as some pretty funny stories shared that grossed Andrew out. 

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason



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