Advocating for Junior Devs, Hotwire and HTMX

Andrew is celebrating his birthday, Chris can’t wait until he can go back to a RailsConf in person one day, and Jason really wants to hang out with people. For now, we will just have to keep things virtual, like RailsConf 2021 which will be happening in April, and Chris tells us about a talk he submitted to it. Andrew fills us in about a virtual talk at a meetup he’s giving in June, which he will be advocating for junior dev’s since it’s so important to him. Other topics discussed are Turbo, putting Turbo into React Native, using Turbo to build a PWA, htmx, how awesome TypeScript is, and the importance of writing better Ruby. Also, who knew there were different versions of JSON?

[00:04:17] Chris asks the guys if they submitted a talk to RailsConf 2021. Andrew tells us about a virtual talk at a meetup he’s giving in June.

[00:08:53] Chris tells us about something he helped start a long time ago called LaunchCode.

[00:11:58] Find out what Chris’s submission to RailConf 2021 is on.
[00:16:54] Chris helps Andrew understand Turbo better.
[00:25:40] Jason talks about wondering what it would be like to shove turbo into React Native since he’s built stuff in it. Chris shares his ideas.
[00:28:11] Andrew asks Chris if you can use Turbo to build a PWA. Jason tells us about a PWA he built once.

[00:31:15] Jason brings up htmx and asks the guys if they are familiar with it.
[00:35:26] The guys chat about JSON and another version of it.

[00:37:21] Andrew talks about how he put Turbo on is website since he was rebuilding it. He was also wondering in Rails7 if they are going to remove Rails UJS, and if so, that is going to majorly change the upgrade or the feasibility of the upgrade as well. Chris shares some ideas.

[00:41:28] Andrew explains how DHH talked about if you’re building libraries, TypeScript is awesome, and also mentions a book by Noel Rappin.
[00:45:38] Andrew and Chris talk about the importance of learning to write better Ruby to solve problems.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason



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