Building a Business on Rails with Mike Perham

It’s been a crazy week of weather in Jason, Chris, and Andrew’s hometowns, but thankfully we have a great guest to take away the winter blues. Today, we have Mike Perham from Sidekiq and Faktory fame. We find out what Sidekiq is and a great story about what led Mike into starting it, as well as Faktory. Other topics in the discussion are how Active Jobs plays into Sidekiq, an experiment Mike did with Sidekiq and Crystal, and Mike giving some inspiring advice on how teaching and building trust work hand in hand.

[00:01:40] Mike tells us about himself, what he was doing before he started Sidekiq, and what led in the idea of him starting it.

[00:03:46] Jason asks Mike if he thinks a lot of thread safe code in our ecosystem came from just people adopting Sidekiq, and when he started Sidekiq did he have plans of it becoming paid tiers or was it purely an open source project at the time.

[00:06:07] When he moved to the open core model, Mike tells us if he had both the pro and enterprise license at one time or if it was there just one license.
[00:08:35] Jason asks Mike when you’re searching for things about Sidekiq, and you see other libraries that aren’t from Sidekiq, but they’re Sidekiq dash and its open source versions, does he ever feel like that is an issue for his business.

[00:10:50] Mike explains how Active Job plays into all of this for him.
[00:15:55] Mike tells us where Faktory came from, what it is, and would it be any use to Ruby Developers to choose over Sidekiq. He also tells us how the adoption of it has been compared to Sidekiq.

[00:19:37] Jason brings up an experiment Mike did awhile back with Sidekiq and Crystal, and he was wondering how that went and if he still has interest in it.
[00:25:54] Mike shares with us how he turned Sidekiq and Faktory into his full-time gig and the economics around it. 

[00:33:05] Chris mentions always looking up to Mike after reading his blog posts, and Chris realizing his dream what he wanted to do and Mike shares advice with him as well.

[00:34:39] Chris and Mike talk about writing blog posts, building gems, and building trust in a lot of different ways. Mike also mentions how important teaching is to build trust. They mention Jeremy Evans and Andrew Kane as widely trusted people in the Ruby community. 
[00:37:47] Andrew and Mike explain what Sidekiq is.  

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason

Mike Perham



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