Jason's run in with the cops, Andrew deletes his GitHub, and Madmin launches?

On today’s episode, the guys start off telling us how they all had a very rough, eventful week that let’s just say, involved an architect, the police, and repos and data lost. Then, they dive right into Jason telling us how he completed his testing videos for his StimulusReflex course but has hit a weird spot with the app being a little incomplete. Chris talks about the OmniAuth 2.0 course being out now and how he saved and resurrected madmin. We also learn about the 12 in 12 project that was released this week, Andrew trying to clean up projects, tying up loose ends, and how his GitHub is a mess. Will Andrew delete his GitHub? Will Andrew still be a programmer? Will Andrew’s sanity stay intact? Find out next week, same time, same podcast.

[00:00:22] The guys share stories of things that happened to them this past week.

[00:06:30] Jason announces he got all his testing videos done for his course and it pushed him to do more work on the StimulusReflex testing library. 

[00:09:25] Chris asks the guys if they knew of a library that has test helpers for both frameworks. 
[00:12:22] Jason tells us his testimonials are done and he’s hit a weird spot with the app being a little bit incomplete, and he’s thinking about making a video.

[00:14:20] Jason talks about when he’ll launch the video since he just has two left. Chris announced the OmniAuth 2.0 course is out and what happened.
[00:17:08] Jason and Chris talk about issues with recording videos for courses.

[00:21:00] Chris explains about saving and resurrecting madmin.
[00:29:14] Chris tells us about the “12 in 12” project that was released this week, made popular by Pieter Levels years ago.

[00:31:22] Andrew talks about cleaning up projects, tying up loose ends, and how his GitHub is a mess and what he wants to do to clean it up.  He asks Jason and Chris for advice on what he can do to clean up his GitHub. 

[00:37:55] Andrew mentions not being able to find a single product online to help manage your GitHub repos, but he has used something called GitHub Unwatch, which is a Heroku app that has helped. 

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason



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