Rails LTS deep dive with Tobias Kraze

New Year, same old us! Today, we have a special guest, Tobias Kraze, an Executive Engineer at Makandra, a German company. We are talking with him about Rails LTS, which provides security patches for old versions of Ruby on Rails. Tobias tells us all about it, why it was created, and what it does for people. We also learn how Tobias got started in Rails. We end with the guys chatting about TypeScript and JavaScript.

[00:00:41] Chris and Jason tell us what they’ve been working on with Hotwire and StimulusReflex. 

[00:03:19] Tobias tells us all about himself and what he does at Makandra.    
[00:05:04] Tobias explains to us the idea behind Rails LTS, why it was created, and what it does for people. He talks about a Tweet by Patrick McKenzie.
[00:08:08] Chris asks Tobias if it’s hard to maintain all that stuff or even just keeping an eye on the security vulnerabilities, and if he can monitor the newer versions of Rails or if they are not necessarily relevant to the older Rails. He also tells us if Rails 5.2 will be a new Rails LTS version that he’ll maintain.

[00:11:07] Chris wonders if Tobias has to regularly fork other things around Rails to support older apps in order to maintain those too. He also tells us about maintaining Ruby versions too.

[00:17:17] Chris asks Tobias if his company is helping people upgrade from Rails LTS to a new version if you want to make the investment.
[00:20:50] Jason asks Tobias if his company has a significant amount of people that still come in with these projects to be supported.

[00:21:53] We learn when Tobias got started in Rails and if his company does any other work other than Ruby on Rails.
[00:28:09] The guys chat about TypeScript and JavaScript.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver

Tobias Kraze

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