Andrew's HAML Tattoo

Hello and welcome to Remote Ruby! Haml is life! There is talk of Andrew getting a HAML tattoo and “apparently” he’s agreed to it! 😎 Jason’s StimulusReflex course has dropped in early access and he tells us how he’s feeling about it. Andrew goes in depth about Snowpack, Webpacker, and Skypack. Then, Andrew tells us about Vercel and annotated template file names. Jason brings up delegated types in STI and the guys chat about how there’s way better support for Sharding now in Rails 6.1. An old gem is brought up that moved out of Rails called acts_as_list, and the guys chat about supporting communities and people making good stuff, and to go buy Jason’s course! Download this episode now to find out much more!

[00:01:41] Jason dropped his StimulusReflex course in early access and he tells us how the initial reception of it is and how he’s feeling about it.

[00:09:21] Andrew explains the differences between Snowpack’s more like Webpacker, and he mentions Skypack and Snowpack pair very nice together.
[00:18:07] Andrew tells us that Webpack is just a bunch of Webpack config rolled into a nice easy to use and they took most of the use cases of Webpack and bundled it into a gem. He mentions the web server in Ruby, Falcon, which is HTTP/2 compatible.
[00:24:29] Andrew asks the guys if they know what Vercel is (formerly ZEIT) and how he tested it out. 

[00:28:25] What else is new in the Ruby world? Chris says that the new Rails is out, Ruby comes out next week, and new magic comes out next week.  Andrew tells us he sees everyone talking about the deprecation toolkit that’s in Rails 6.1, but nobody’s talking about the greatest feature of all time which is the “annotate template file names,” thanks to Joel Hawksley.

[00:30:32] Chris tells us he did the deprecations error or exceptions screencasts this week. Also, the guys talk about how there is way better “sharding” support now in Rails 6.1, and Chris explains “horizontal sharding.”
[00:34:34] Jason brings up delegated types in STI, which he uses quite a bit at Podia.

[00:37:02] Chris mentions Rails 6.2 is in the works already.
[00:39:42] Jason talks about gems he finds that moved out of Rails, like acts_as_list, and Chris names some other ones that he wishes were still maintained. 

[00:43:36] The guys chat about supporting the squad, communities, and people making good stuff, and to go buy Jason’s course. 
Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


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