HTML over Websockets is all the rage

Jason and Chris are here today, and they start off with talking about a busy Black Friday weekend. In the Ruby on Rails world, Rails 6.1 RC2 is out, and there’s been some buzz on Twitter with DHH about some new magic happening with it. Chris tells us about the new updates with Stimulus 2.0 and how job queues play into WebSockets. Chris has been working on a custom process support for Hatchbox and he built his own version of CableReady to use, and Jason tells us why CableReady just keeps getting better. Also, Chris tells us all about the Ruby Advent Calendar that you should check out.

[00:00:25] Jason tells us about his busy Black Friday weekend and having to use Rails Autoscale, and Chris mentions Shopify’s graph showing their traffic for the weekend. 

[00:02:51] Jason tells us what’s new in the Ruby on Rails world and mentions RC2, and Chris tested Jumpstart Pro against RC1. Jason talks about something is wrong with his RC and it may be something with the version of Ruby he’s using. He also tells us about a Full Stack Radio episode with Adam Wathan talking about Screencasting and he found it super helpful.
[00:07:22] Chris opens Twitter and Nate Hopkins Tweeted about whatever the new magic DHH has been calling it and DHH responded.   Does this mean the new stuff is coming out because Stimulus 2.0 got released today? Find out what else DHH said.
[00:11:14] Chris explains the new updates with Stimulus 2.0 and the new values stuff being really nice, and Jason tells us one of his favorite things he saw along the value stuff.

[00:18:08] Jason expresses how excited he is with Stimulus 2.0 and the Hey stuff. Chris tells us how JavaScript is still the biggest pain point and more things DHH said.

[00:20:18] Jason had the idea that Stimulus 2.0 is going to be like Stimulus Reflex, and Chris shares some thoughts on this. 
[00:24:36] Jason mentions that DHH said if they have built in solution for WebSockets and job queues and he wonders how queues play into this and Chris explains.

[00:27:13] Chris has been working on the custom process support, like a Procfile, for Hatchbox, and he tells us what you’ll be able to do with it. He also talks about how he built his own version of CableReady to use with this. 

[00:33:12] Jason talks about how CableReady is so “clutch” to him and why it just keeps getting better.

[00:36:23] We end with Chris talking about the Ruby Advent Calendar.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver


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