Andrew's Haml/ERB trailer, TailwindCSS 2.0, and instant Browser Notifcations with CableReady

The gang is all here today and they have so much to talk about. Jason tells us he’s finally updated a Rails app he built in March and he did the Tailwind 2.0 update. Chris talks about patching Webpacker to fix the Webpack DevServer changes, and Andrew shares some info about why it may not have been working for him. Chris shares a fun fact about Rails Webpackers master version that may make you laugh! Other topics discussed are an issue Jason ran into with trying to get PurgeCSS working, the Ryan Bates DigitalOcean extravaganza/Tweet he made, Hatchbox and CableReady updates, the new release of Mac and the M1 chip, Hey is having a dumpster fire, and Andrew’s video trailer for Haml/ERB is premiering here today! You don’t want to miss it!

[00:00:39] Jason starts off by talking about a Rails app he went back to that he built and hasn’t touched since March. 

[00:02:05] Jason upgraded Ruby in Rails and then started the Tailwind 2.0 update and was surprised at how easy it was for “most” things. Chris talked about his moment when he upgraded Jumpstart Pro.
[00:04:27] Chris mentions patching Webpacker to fix the Webpack DevServer changes and it was not his favorite upgrade. Andrew shares some info about Webpack and why it may not have been working for Chris. 
[00:08:44] Chris tells us a fun fact about Rails Webpacker’s master version. Jason tells us an issue he ran into with his app to get PurgeCSS working with form.text_field. 
[00:15:34] Last week Jason and Chris talked about the Ryan Bates DigitalOcean extravaganza and it is brought up again how it had one heck of a resolve! Jason reads Ryan’s Tweet and it was AWESOME!!! 

[00:20:08] Listen to the amazing trailer for the Haml/ERB video that Andrew talked about doing but had the help of their editor do it instead. ☺

[00:22:06] Jason talks about a project he’s been working on using Hatchbox and how it still works, and Chris mentions an issue he had with DigitalOcean with OAuth. Jason gives a shout out to Hatchbox.
[00:29:18] The topic of Hatchbox and desktop notifications is mentioned along with the latest update that CableReady now has an API for sending notifications. Also, another cool thing they added was the ability to do pushState.

[00:37:17] Andrew makes a reference to “my kitchen sink” and we find out what this is. Jason still wants to build a Bridgetown Site with Andrew on a “normal path” and they discuss this.

[00:42:48] Andrew brings up the new controversy around the new Mac and the M1 chip and how things were going to work. Andrew bought a new computer and had an issue with Homebrew not working.

[00:45:28] Jason talks about Hey doing an amazing stunt where they have a dumpster fire and it’s live-streamed.

Jason Charnes
Andrew Mason
Chris Oliver


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