Modeling friendships is hard, Railscasts nostalgia, and reviving ActsAsTenant

Chris and Jason are in the house today and they will be spending the whole episode talking about their love for ERB since Andrew is not here. JK! Jason finally gets to check this off his to-do list and talk about modelling friendships in your database. Chris tells us about watching a RailsCast episode by Ryan Bates, Tweets that Ryan made recently, and Jason brags on something Chris did for Ryan. Other topics they dive into are Acts As Tenant gem, a card game Jason built in Rails, what Jason did with a Stimulus Reflex Course, and a Tailwind Stimulus Components library Chris built. Also, Tailwind CSS v2.0 was released, and find out what Chris wrote that he may be turning into a Screencast very soon!

[00:00:47] Jason and Chris talk about modelling friendships in your database models. 

[00:06:56] Chris brings up building teams and inviting people being tricky. 

[00:08:35] Jason talks about using HasFriendship library, which lets you add friendship features to your ActiveRecord models. Chris mentions to Jason about watching a RailsCasts episode on Self-Referential Association by Ryan Bates.

[00:13:31] Chris talks about working with an app a long time ago, and he explains how naming your code in your domain saves you a lot of trouble. 

[00:18:27] Chris talks about Ryan Bates Tweets he made recently and how people are still watching RailsCasts. Jason brags about something Chris did for Ryan.

[00:24:25] Chris brings up reviving old projects and mentions the Acts As Tenant gem hasn’t had any updates for a year so he’s been using that in Jumpstart Pro. Chris emailed the author and he heard back from him to get access to it to clean it up.

[00:30:22] Chris lets us know he did a Screencast on some updates for Acts As Tenant on GoRails. He also did a new release of Acts As Tenant Version 0.5, which he needs to bump up to 1.0 very soon. 

[00:33:57] Jason tells us about a card game he recently built in Rails. 

[00:37:28] Chris talks about how he should have used a Vue Component when he was working on Version 2 of HatchBox, and he tells us the trickiest part of updating pages.

[00:41:51] Jason tells us what he did with a Stimulus Reflex Course, and it involves him making Toast that are broadcast from Cable Ready. Chris tells us he built the Tailwind Stimulus Components library and what he merged with it.

[00:47:15] Chris explains why Stimulus and Alpine are very compatible and easy to use.

[00:50:37] Chris announces Tailwind CSS v2.0 came out and the new website looks cool. Jason talks about either making another repo under the Pay namespace or just working on Pay to make it simple to work with Stripe Checkout.

[00:59:39] Chris goes in depth about something he wrote this week which he says he should turn into a Screencast. 

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver


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