Webpacker in Engines & Dealing with Burnout

Chris and Andrew are here today! Chris starts off talking about going down the rabbit hole with their discussion last week about the Rails engines doc for Webpacker, and he finds out it is rough. We find out a problem Chris ran into with JavaScript and CSS to display graphs, installing Action Active Mailbox and a cool feature of Rails, which is ActiveModel. The discussion takes a turn into “Remote Ruby Therapy” for Andrew since he realizes this week that he is completely burned out and he’s taking a week off for self-care. He talks about “burnout,” using an app called “Blinkist” that has been helpful, and the six things he wants to do make his life better, which includes to get some “good smelly stuff!”

[00:01:25] Chris talks about going down the rabbit hole since their discussion last week about Webpacker and Rails Engines which was on his to-do list, and he finds out it is rough.

[00:05:31] Andrew asks Chris if there was anything in the Webpack or Docs that made him think that maybe he should add this, or did he already cover it and he explains.

[00:07:46] Chris explains a problem he ran into with JavaScript and CSS to display graphs and about using a JavaScript pack tag in the Main Rails App.

[00:14:17] Chris tells us why he loves Devise and Andrew asks how long Chris thinks it will be before we are going to be able to see madmin and installing Action Active Mailbox is mentioned.
[00:17:41] Chris asks Andrew if he’s ever called,”user.modelname” which Chris says is the coolest thing.

[00:19:32] There are a few things Chris is not sure he loves about Administrate. Andrew tells us he went down an eager loading, auto loading, no loading, lazy loading path this week. Also, Chris explains something he did in madmin with adding a directory into your app. 

[00:27:20] Andrew realized this week that he is completely burned out and sputtering to the finish line and he’s taking next week off to do some self-care. Chris asks him what his plans are to rejuvenate and back into enjoying stuff again. Andrew talks about a paper that defines “burnout,” the cleanliness of workspace and rooms, goals in life, and fixing his sleep schedule.

[00:36:38] Andrew mentions an app he started using called “Blinkist” which is kind of the spark notes audio version of books, and he talks about books he’s been reading to help him with setting goals. Chris shares some advice too.

[00:38:55] Chris asks Andrew if he has any thoughts on how he will keep himself balanced long term. We learn about Andrew’s relationship with people, especially with friends and family, and how he needs a support system and therapy. Chris tells us about his friendships and support groups and what has helped him.

[00:53:13] Find out why Chris was trippin’ up the other day with the change on GitHub and Laravel Forge adding some error messages. 

Andrew Mason
Chris Oliver


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