New Rails API docs, Webpacker "fun", and security.txt

Jason announces DHH is back on Twitter, but not back in the Unites States! So, where is he? The guys wonder when the next versions of Turbolinks and Stimulus will be released. Some other topics discussed on this episode are Rails API guides being updated, Webpacker documentation, importing Sprockets files into webpack, problems with webpack configs, CoffeeScript, problems with UJS and Rails Scaffolds, Turbolinks Render library, Cloudflare, and generating routes in madmin. Also, have you heard of security.txt? You can learn more about it here.

[00:03:05] Chris mentions Kasper posted a link to a PR that updates the Rails API guides, which now includes the sidebar with all of the classes and turbo links in there.

[00:04:54] Andrew brings up Docs and tells us there’s a ton of Webpacker documentation in a folder in the Webpacker repo called “Docs” and there’s a lot of documentation in there that a lot of people probably don’t know about. 

[00:09:28] Jason was reading the Docs and just realized you can import Sprockets files into your webpack stuff.

[00:12:17] Andrew brings up a problem he’s had with webpack configs and how he found a few things in it that could be improved.  Chris and Jason share their thoughts, and CoffeeScript is brought up in the conversation. 
[00:21:11] Andrew says UJS is going away. Jason tells us his problem with UJS.

[00:23:15] Chris tells us about the problems with Rails Scaffolds and what Turbolinks 6 is addressing. 

[00:25:55] Chris talks about using the Turbolinks render library in Jumpstart Pro.

[00:30:19] Andrew asks the guys if they’ve ever heard of “security.txt” and he tells them all about it. He also wonders if this could be a cool gem to create and wonders if it could be done. Chris gives him advice on what he can do.

[00:36:38] Jason mentions Cloudflare that prevents the typical mail to spam you get and Chris tells us about how he is working on generating routes in madmin. 

Jason Charnes
Andrew Mason
Chris Oliver



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